14 free websites to promote your business in Ghana(updated)

By Moora Salam
Technology 14 free websites to promote your business in Ghanaupdated
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12 months ago I wrote this article “8 free websites to promote your business in Ghana” and I received many thank

you message from our readers. So I have decided to expand it a little by adding new websites you can use to market your business for free in Ghana.

If you are a local business and you are looking for more places to submit your business to increase your

brand awareness, promote your business in Ghana then this article is for you. You can also make use of this article even if you are an international business and Ghana is your target market. These websites listed in this article receive

thousands of visitors every month so don’t fail to take the advantage.

Google Local business


Google my business is my number 1 when it comes to 8 websites to promote your business in Ghana.

The reason is, this powerful tool is free and it gets you in front of your customers.

This tool your business information and direction on google search and Google Map.

Whether people are looking for your business on Google Search, Maps or not you will always be included in the list.

Customers see what you’re all about because you can share what is unique about your business with pictures.



This is another great tool for all type of business who want to promote in Ghana.GhanaYello is online business information site in Ghana, promoting local businesses and helping customers to find the companies, products, services. This tool can help you get more traffic to your website, get reviews from your customers and much more.

I think every business should be listed on this website for a quality backlink.

Modern Ghana

Modern Ghana is not just a general news and information portal, it is also a great place to promote your business in Ghana.They have four sections that you can promote your business under.You can advertise or promote under the Classified section, Website directory, Business directory and even Book directory.They also save us great backlink for your website to increase your search presence.



Companylist is a Huge directory of Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Chemicals, Telecommunications, Computer Hardware & Software, Construction & Real Estate, Energy, Lighting companies and more. Whether you are a new business or old you want to take the opportunity that companylist provides if you are interested in promoting your business in Ghana.



Yalwa is a local business directory that lets businesses advertise online. With your business on this site, you are

guaranteed to get more people visit your website. Another great source to promote your business in Ghana

Business Ghana

Business Ghana Is a portal that enables local business owners to add a listing for their business.You can add photos of your business & services, hours of operation, services offered and list the various ways customers can reach your business. Business Ghana is definitely a place you to promote your business in Ghana.



Ghana Web is a vertical portal publishing everything related to the country Ghana. Ranked as the most popular website in Ghana, Ghana web is a great place to promote your business in Ghana for free. Just like modernghana, you can also promote your business in their directory or classified section all for free. If your business is not listed on Ghanaweb you should start doing so.

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This website is unique. It serves as Yellow Pages, Newspaper,Guide Maps and Direct Marketing website.

It’s also great backlink source for local search engines optimization and a great source to promote your business in Ghana.With WowCity businesses can reach their prime target market so you definitely sign up on this site.

Yellow Pages Ghana

Yellow Pages is an online Ghana Directory which has become the prime source of information on company listings. The platform provides visitors with a comprehensive search on Ghana businesses and allows advertisers to market their products and services with ease.

Peace Fm Online


More than just a traditional broadcaster, Peace FM is today evolving into a content company, the home of Ghana’s Most Popular programming and a multimedia leader with a solid presence in the country. peacefmonline is a place you can read, watch and listen to the latest news in Ghana but it also provides opportunities for business to advertise on the site for free. Through their classified section and the directory for business.

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Accra expat


If you are looking to target expatriates in Ghana then this website is for you. Accra expat where you go to meet expatriates from all countries, do things together, share & learn while having fun & expanding your horizon. It’s where you go for relevant services, assistance and information, to communicate to the community, to stay updated & make your life in Ghana easier & more fulfilling. It’s free classified and directory section is a great place to start.

Yellow page Africa

yellow pages Africa is one of the largest business directory website in Africa and as such a great place to advertise your business for free. There are over 150,000 companies listed on the website.

Ghana traders

9192017113734download32 is Ghana’s reliable online marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses. They provide the most powerful and easy-to-use platform & solutions to assist buyers and suppliers from all over the world who are looking to access the Ghanaian marketplace.

My Joy market is a free online classifieds marketplace exclusively for Ghana. On, you can buy or sell products, offer or find services, and place Job vacancies by posting an ad. With the daily traffic congestion, you can save time by browsing through thousands of ads and let the shops/sellers deliver products to your office or home.

If you are starting local search engine optimization for your website, I will advise you sign up and submit your business or website to all the above websites. And if you want to even submit to more websites like these both local and international then I recommend this premium service.

I also recommend this free eBook if you want to optimize your website for a local audience.”

What tools would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!


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