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Nov 19, 2007 | Editorial



IT IS refreshing to note that freedom of association, the right to demonstrate and other attributes of democracy are today being relished by all Ghanaians.

No wonder this heightened level of democracy has been described as unrivalled in our political history, an assertion we unwaveringly associate ourselves with.

These new-found freedoms were unthinkable in the pre-2001 days of our political history, we dare say.

The memory of some Ghanaians losing their lives and others brutalized by state security agents while on a legitimate political protest in the streets of Accra is still fresh in our minds.

Thankfully, the trend has changed and political civility restored to Ghana.

Much as we appreciate the importance of not putting any impediments in the way of those who have genuine and sincere issues to take with government through popular protests, we demur however to the use of deceit in doing so.

We particularly do not understand why the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would not embark on a so-called demonstration as a registered political party, but hide behind a so-called Committee for Joint Action (CJA).

Messrs Kwesi Pratt, Ama Benyiwa-Doe, Kwamena Ahwoi, Bernard Mornah and other elements executing the political agenda of the NDC to the hilt must stop pulling wool over the eyes of Ghanaians with their “yee wu ooh” mantra.

Characters like these, who can hardly offer themselves for competitive politics, should take the path of sincerity and decorum by acknowledging the strides made by the incumbent political administration.

Only the mischievous-minded would ignore the prudent economic management of the economy by the Kufuor administration, which has brought the country to its present state.

We cannot claim to have come out of the doldrums into which we were put by a long period of military dictatorship which metamorphosed into a pseudo-civilian government, the longest in our political history.

Suffice it to assert though that the incumbent administration has done in its close to two terms in office, what the previous one failed to do from its junta days to the time it metamorphosed into a civilian set-up, a period spanning about two decades.

Statistics abound to prove the strides made in the area of job creation, poverty alleviation and infrastructural development.
Only those consumed by the rage of political mischief would close their eyes to such strides.

The Police, while performing their statutory functions, must avoid giving artificial value to the base currency of the chatter noise and vile propaganda of the organizers of the demonstration.

Like other vile political activities before the one being planned, it would come and go with no brimstones falling from the sky.

Mark our words, all shall come to pass and Ghana would continue on its path of prosperity.

The organizers are mere paper tigers whose ugly and cacophonous noise cannot impede the progress of the country.

All we ask of Mr. President is that he remains focused and discharge his functions without wobbling. After all, the people of Ghana are the discerning judges and not the few killjoys, intent on throwing spanners into the works of state.

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