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Emmanuel Arhin Mensah

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  • Age:35
  • Hometown:swedru
  • Location:Kasoa, Ghana
  • Love Status:Looking
  • Sexual Orientation:Straight
  • Drinker: No
  • Smoker:No

About Me

I have had a a great many experiences in my life which has shaped my world, political, and cultural views. I am somewhat of a homebody, but do enjoy going out and enjoying the evening with friends. I enjoy cooking, reading, some sports, and I am passionate about my profession, which is in education. I am honest, sometimes too much so for my own betterment, but I do not believe in deceit. I am loyal and passonate about relationships, and desire to find someone that feels the same. I am warm and caring, an absolutely incurable romantic, and believe that we all have much to learn from our past, and more to learn about the promise of the future. I enjoy treating a woman with unfathonable respect, and want to appeal to all aspects of her femininity. Most people say that I am funny, intelligent, likable, and generally a decent guy. I will take those as compliments.

I'd Like to Meet

I'm looking for a cheerful, happy, intelligent, creative woman. Someone who wants to share all things in life. Someone that I can travel with, go out with and enjoy. Someone that shares my values and is family oriented, but loves to have a good time.


Hmmm. My ideal relationship would involve finding the person that wants to share a committed life with me; someone that would give me reason to want to be a better person for myself, and for our relationship. I do not judge a person because of their past, nor their social position, nor their financial status, but how they treat me and those around themselves. I don't like "gold-diggers" and have nothing to offer them. I want to find someone that wants a committed relationship, and would like to share in growing together as a couple in the years to come. I want someone that will allow me to be the person that I am, and will accept me for the good qualities that I can bring to our relationship. All other details can be discussed at length over the phone, or via emails.

Music Genres

R&B, Rock, Country, Religious, Classical,

All Time Favorite Bands


Favorite Song

wheezy,crazy punk, ofori amonpsah

Favorite Album


Favorite Music Video


Current Favorite Artists/Bands


Favorite Video Games

Mario,Ps 2

Favorite TV Shows

Thank is Friday

Favorite Movies

Ghanaian moves

Favorite Books


Favorite Quote

God help those who help them self.

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