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Jack Ford

  • Age:29
  • Hometown:New York
  • Location:New York, Netherlands
  • Body Type:Large
  • Hair Color: White/Gray
  • Eye Color: Grey
  • Height:186 cm
  • Love Status:In love
  • Sexual Orientation:Straight
  • Drinker: No
  • Smoker:No

About Me

A marketing assistant in mobile marketing company. Lead the active type of life.


Marketing, computer games and traveling

Music Genres

Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic

Favorite Song


Current Favorite Artists/Bands

Imagine Dragons

Favorite Video Games

Gods of War 3

Favorite Movies

The Avengers

Favorite Books

Da Vince Code

Latest Profiles

favour apia

favour apia

Charles Van Dyke

Charles Van Dyke

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