Ryan Taylor Brakes-up With Dj Cuppy Because Of Sex - Nigerians Speculate

By agboola ibrahim
AMEBO Ryan Taylor Brakes-up With Dj Cuppy Because Of Sex - Nigerians Speculate
JUL 17, 2023 LISTEN

Different speculations hang in the air following the development in the relationship between UK boxer, Ryan Taylor and his partner, Dj Cuppy. It has been reported in several quarters that the duo are breaking-up because of sex.

Ryan Taylor and Dj Cuppy are perceived to have disengaged from each other. This is coming after it was confirmed that they have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The relationship which is yet to be one year began last year November and they have reportedly broken up on June 2023.


"I got engaged in November after two days. The two days came into play because it was so quick. And you get to know the person after,” This statement was made by Dj Cuppy at the time their relationship was still a bed of roses.

However, a recent development speaks about a rift creeping furtively into their affairs. This became open when Cuppy and her man unfollowed each other, but have reportedly refollowed him.

A quick check on his Instagram page has shown that Ryan Taylor no longer follows her on Instagram.

The speculation became thicker when Ryan Taylor took to his Instagram to share a cryptic post. Although the post was not directed to anyone in particular, it more or less speaks about his relationship with Cuppy.

His post read;
“If it’s blocking your spiritual growth, let it go”

Following this drama, there has been an answer as to why they are breaking up. Social media users have claimed that they are set apart primarily because of sex.

Dami' Adenuga shared 'Rumors has it that Dj cuppy’s boyfriend broke up with her because of sex 💀