Chude Jideonwo's 'Awaiting Trial' wins Best Feature Award at TAFM’23

  Tue, 16 May 2023
Celebrity Chude Jideonwo's 'Awaiting Trial' wins Best Feature Award at TAFM23

Awaiting Trial was announced as one of the winners at the recently concluded The Annual Film Mischief.

The four-day film festival, held physically across Accra, including Abuja and Lagos, came to a close on Sunday, April 30th, 2023, with the screening of the film, Awaiting Trial.

Awaiting Trial is a documentary film that explores both the #EndSARS protests and the ‘deeper illness’ they point to – the phenomenon in Nigeria’s communal justice system called ‘awaiting trial’ where people are arrested and detained indefinitely without charge.

TAFM is a film festival set up to spotlight the best and brightest of the future of African cinema with unique narratives and styles. It is a special initiative of Film Rats, a community of circa 150 cinephiles, i.e., film enthusiasts and filmmakers on a mission to educate, appreciate & document cinema, with sharp focus on African cinema.

Since its 5-day screening in October 2022, Awaiting Trial has won several awards and recognition, including being an official selection and nominee of the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF), and a nomination as Best Documentary in African Magic Viewer's Choice Award.