13.04.2020 Feature Article

The Insincerity Of Kwaku Baako Is Getting Too Repugnant!!

The Insincerity Of Kwaku Baako Is Getting Too Repugnant!!
13.04.2020 LISTEN

Full of half-truths, disingenuity, and the deliberate selection and misapplication of facts!! Now Kwaku Baako is looking for minutes to board meetings where a decision was taken on the construction of BGH and IMaH before crediting President Mahama with it.

This is Laughable!!

Now Kwaku Baako understands the operational independence of the BoG and the workings of the act establishing the same??

1. Can Kwaku Baako first produce the minutes to the BoG's Board meeting where President Mahama influenced its policies on interest rates, lending rates and that of inflation figures during his regime???

Why does he (Kwaku Baako), Bawumiah and the apparatchiks of this administration constantly discredit Mahama's Regime with the “poverty” of those indicators?? Don't they know or remember the independence of BoG when they make those insinuations??


2. Can he (Kwaku Baako) produce any single minutes of a Bog board meeting where President Mahama influenced the collapse of Banks which they have always insisted and associated with him?? Doesn't he remember the independence of the supervisory jurisdiction of the BoG and the act establishing it when he makes those arguments??

3. Does he produce minutes of board meetings of the BoG when he credits the performance of the macroeconomic indicators at this time to Nana Addo and Bawumiah?? Is Nana Addo the governor of BoG??

4. Can Kwaku Baako explain why the former governor of the BoG Dr Nashiru Issaku and his Deputy Dr Asiamah were "dismissed" immediately this regime assumed office?? That was to say the current political regime under the presidency of Nana Addo has a policy direction for which they did not fit into. This exactly explains how the previous government's strategic policy direction under John Mahama prioritized and directed investments of the resources of all public institutions under that regime including the BoG into construction of schools and Hospitals Kwaku Baako is engaged in an empty "fight" about!!

The insincerity in the approbative and reprobative posture of Kwaku Baaku when the argument suits him and when it is against him is what betrays the truest character of the Kwaku Baako we have always known.

Well, you must understand his predicament. He is simply blind to the obvious inconsistencies in his debate with Atto Forson because of his inordinate struggle to appropriate some of the legendary capital intensive projects John Mahama executed under his regime to his pay masters' who simply have no single legendary physical project to show.

The facts remain that from the;

* power generation sector of this economy which Nana Addo hasn't added a single megawatt or a power plant but now gives it out at subsidized prices

* To the construction of Hospitals now instrumental for covid19 fight

* Construction of E-Blocks now instrumental for the free SHS policy

* The Ayololo Buses they are presently deploying for health workers in the lockdown areas

* The stabilization fund from which they are now fetching $2m for covid19 fight

* The water treatment facilities from which they give out free water in support of the fight against covid19 and many others are the legacies of the leadership they tagged incompetent.

Someone should tell Kwaku Baako to probably advice his pay masters to use their over 12million dollar medical drones in delivering the PPE'S to the hospitals so we can see their relevance!!

All TV stations point their cameras to Kwame Nkrumah interchange when they need a picture of the impact of the lock down. See how beautiful Ghana looks and imagine Ghana without the Kwame Nkrumah interchange which they made lots of noise about. That is leadership, and that is investment!!

Can Kwaku Baako point out any two Hospitals, Universities or monumental physical projects we can associate with his pay masters regime??

Let Jane Mensah and her cohorts continue fighting the natural course of Justice.

In the words of JM, posterity will judge..........

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