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20.11.2019 Europe

Overlooked complications from Brazil's forest fires: part 1

By Sam Schramski - RFI
Sam Schramski
NOV 20, 2019 EUROPE

While only a few months removed, the fires in the Amazon, which stoked so much international attention in August and September, have largely been forgotten outside the region. In the Brazilian state of Pará, the flames were the cause of incredible damage.

Deforestation and forest fires in particular, have enormous implications for increased greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore the global climate. The plight of indigenous and other traditional peoples are also under growing threat.

Sam Schramski, with help from Brazilian colleagues Adriana Abreu and Cícero Pedrosa, gets a little bit closer to understanding this crisis in a three-part series focusing on the complex and troubled area known as Altamira.

In this first part, they look at how these problems started and situate them in the context of the national and international perspectives that may have been overlooked a couple months ago.

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