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03.10.2019 Feature Article

An Intern’s Kind Of Story: The Introduction Of Elective I.C.T, A Win For Our Education

An Intern’s Kind Of Story: The Introduction Of Elective I.C.T, A Win For Our Education
LISTEN OCT 3, 2019

Our culture with a change in Africa is like a dreamless journey through a path filled with raiders waiting to descend on us. Our attitude of becoming different or replacing one thing with another (improved) is pitiable.

We find it very difficult or even grouse with fear when we are faced with learning new things, exploring the new opportunities the world presents us with and exercising our creativity in ways that benefit the country. If it is up to us alone, then Ghana should never see change because as people, we dread change.

We all know change is hard, we accept. Telling the brain to do something different apart from what it is used to doing over and over is challenging. Nevertheless, the positive consequence of change is a beautiful moment to behold.

I’m beholding this beautiful moment as a student intern at Asamankese Senior High School. Where both teachers and students have taken pride in teaching and learning Elective I.C.T. respectively. Even though I knew about the introduction of Elective I.C.T. in some of our Senior High Schools across the country, I have not taken the moment to ponder on the idea (change) and the benefits it carries.

After the implementation of the free Senior High School policy which I have come a long way to appreciate, introducing Elective I.C.T. is the second big thing the ministry of education is championing to help better education in the country.

The world is running on a technology radar and the countries that have seen the change and have taken a hold to invest in the opportunities are seeing the impact. So for the ministry to introduce Elective I.C.T. which introduces students to programming languages means that they are seeing the opportunities and are taking steps to capitalize on them for the development of the nation.

A five-year-old boy from Nigeria used a ball of orange to generate light. He managed to use the ball of orange to power a bulb. Incredible, right! These are some of the innovations we should expect with the introduction of elective I.C.T.

This is a great opportunity to the schools and students offering the subjects and I wished I had the same opportunity when I was in the Senior High School; it would have given me the foundations to make informed decisions. They now have the opportunity to build a strong foundation in technology at a very prime age and I’m very jealous and you should be too if you went through Senior High School at a time when you see the I.C.T. teacher once in a month.

I hope this is just the beginning of reshuffling our educational structure(s) to give us the tools and skills we need to take Ghana to the promise land. God bless our homeland Ghana.

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