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The Oligarchist In Our Midst

The Oligarchist In Our Midst
28.08.2019 LISTEN

Some people have wondered why some voices ( men of God; intelligentsia; etc ) that were loudest during NDC rule would suddenly go deaf and dumb during NPP regimes.

People wonder why such people would be loudest in condemning everything wrong here in one regime; and they would be deafening silent on same wrongs in other regimes.

People should know that these men of God and intelligentsia are gatekeepers of oligarchy ( the rule of the few over the masses)

They protect power for a few rulership clan for their own benefits.

These ( men of God , intelligentsia , tribalist ) and the top hierarchy of NPP dont really believe in a democracy that hands down power to everybody in the country irrespective of a person's background.

( The ordinary NPP supporter doesn't know he is just being used for the interest of some few)

These ( tribalist, men of God and intelligentsia) are only pretending they believe in this democracy because they have no other option.

What really these people desire is a system that grants them the chance to rule this country forever without anybody challenging their divine authority to rule the people.

That is why in the past, when they are in power, they would be saying the opposition parties would be in opposition forever

No democrat would think they have a divine right to rule society forever. .

Not everybody who screams ' democrat, democrat' is really a democrat

And the people who are oligarchist put in place systems that make sure even the ordinary people who support them don't move into leadership positions in their group .

Even among them leadership is a preserve for a few

People don't understand the truth about the way men of God and so called think-tanks behave differently under different regimes.

They are forced to act so because they think NPP is better placed to keep power to a few in society than any party.

They are gatekeepers of oligarchy.

Paul Zowonu




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