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Wild Sex

Wild Sex
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Joy online news portal reports today 18th August 2019 on a US supreme court ruling upholding a sexual relationship between two siblings James Banes and Victoria Banes.

The case is said to have travelled for ten years. By this rulling, it is almost legal in US for siblings to enter into consensual sexual relationship.

For me, this rulling by US Supreme Court could have far-reaching impact on our social lives precisely because the American life is the model most people here desire to have.

Even those who have schooled too much think the American life should be our model.

There are a lot of good things going on in the American system . And with all the advantages of globalisation brought to us by new media, people all over the world - even in backward societies - are doing all that is possible to tap into the immense possibilities that abound everywhere .

Reports say Ghana currently spends about US $100 million in importing onions and tomatoes.

And this is a great business opportunity for young men and women to venture into agriculture and to make some money to have the "good living' right here.

Young Chinese men and women are in our hinterlands digging our gold and diamonds away even when our government appears to have put a ban on illegal mining of minerals.

We have seen pictures of Chinese merchants caught carting our precious woods away.

Sadly, our young men and women are too idle. Even those with degrees have a cause to be idle because they say there are no jobs here. They are shy of the farms.

Our idle school leavers are occupied with the fun on social media. And they have taken to the most unproductive on the new media.

Today, there is a belief that Ghanaian young men and women on social media are engaged in organizing sex parties.

Sex party is the hip thing among our idle youths on social media.

And the people engaged in this wild pleasures are not the most ignorant or uneducated among us. . We have university graduates engaged in planning wild sex parties on social media.

They have watched videos from the west showing young men and women in freak sex acts.

Unfortunately,they fail to watch these videos carefully in order to take in the proper lessons.

That the people in these wild videos are mostly the lowest of lowest of the American life.

They are the people who see the big American dream at close distance and yet have no part in it.

They are the people who can't even point to homes they come from

These are people who have nothing to live for in the American dream.

And their only last resort to some excitement in life is to shock the world with their own version of enjoyment.

So they engage in group wild sex ; and they make it appealing to those they probably hate for denying them the right to have a share in the big American pie.

These wild sex videos find their way unto our shores.

Surprisingly, our young idle men and women are lured into the feign excitement of characters in these wild sex videos.

And the idle Ghanaian youth thinks this is the enjoyment in life he has been waiting for.

It looks like the only attraction to the west for the African youth is the most damn thing.

The African youth isn't accessing the new media to advertise what he has to the global world to make more income for himself to enjoy ; the young African isn't learning about the new information technology so he can develop softwares that would make life easier for us; the new African isn't interested in the real benefits of the new media.

He is only interested in the most mundane that exists in new media.

He/she is excited by a street culture that excites ones penis or vagina for fleeting pleasures.

Today, he is interested in forming local chapters to fight for the legalisation of same sex marriage; another time, he is lobbying to get marijuana legalised so he can smoke and feel high; and soon he might come to us for a right to sleep with his blood sister since that is going to be the new fancy in town.

Is the African really cursed?
Paul Zowonu
Contact : [email protected]

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