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Ghana Is Bleeding!!

Ghana Is Bleeding!!
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Appointment of KWAME OWUSU (Former Managing Director of Ghana Maritime Authority) as Board Chairman of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). Basic records of Mr Kwame Owusu as Managing Director of Ghana Maritime Authority:

He spent ghc100m of the tax payer money renovating his 2bedroom apartment.

He fitted 11 air-conditioners into this 2bedroom apartment. When Ghanaians complained, he retorted it is mediocrity to complain about 11 air-conditioners in a 2bedroom apartment.

He spent ghc10, 600 on lunch for 8workers of Ghana Maritime Authority.

He spent ghc135, 000 on food, drinks and music during the end of year dinner for 100 workers of Ghana Maritime Authority.

All these expenses on food, drinks and music for the workers were allegedly done in his own hotel raising questions of conflict of interest.

By the standards of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, this is the track records that qualify KWAME OWUSU for appointment to the Board Chairmanship Position of GRA. The president finds no reason to investigate the conduct of Mr Kwame Owusu on issues of corruption and conflict of interest.

Remember the GRA is a major Revenue Mobilization Agency for this Country. Simply put, If Ghana needs money, She ask the GRA for it. All taxes by all citizens are paid to GRA. This is where the President wants Mr Kwame Owusu to continue wth his lootings and wastage operations.

"How do you persuade citizens to pay their taxes with this kind of symbolism" A member of the GII queries the President!

This is the competence Ghanaians were promised! This is the caliber of Men the NPP claimed they have. This is the NPP Government's definition of protecting the public purse.

Wickedness personified!!

But what is surprising here?

Charles Bisiw of Anas's exposé went uninvestigated.

Nana Addo himself and his Vice's $5m and $3m allegations in the same exposé went uninvestigated.

Ghanaians never had the report of investigation into BOST sale of alleged contaminated fuel amounting to over $14m.

Ghana Lottery Authority CEO's alleged conflict of interest conduct in awarding contracts amounting to over Ghc100m went uninvestigated.

The missing fertilizer saga which amounted to Over Ghc12m under this same president went uninvestigated and several other scandals involving billions of cedes. No wonder CDD reported that over 9.6billion have been lost through corruption under the watch of Nana Addo in the last two years.

Just like the #dropthatchamber campaign, I hear the GII, CDD and even Occupy Ghana who lost their voice in recent times as well as a number of well meaning Ghanaians yell at the President to "Drop that Corrupt Kwame Owusu".

Remember this is Nana Addo's first term. I wonder what Ghana will be put through if he most unlikely ever get the opportunity for a second term!!

I cry for mother Ghana!!

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