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16.06.2019 Article

Father: the foundation of society

...Celebrating our fathers in a grand style
Father: the foundation of society
JUN 16, 2019 ARTICLE

He's not only a catalyst for life emergence, but also its sustenance.

Accustomed in his bosom is a shield of wisdom and epitome of generational knowledge.

His mouth is always relied upon to quench society's blaze of anger, conflict, misdirection, disorientation and retrogression.

His training is spiced with God's Handwriting, necessary to parachute your children morally up to the standard God wants and cherishes.

He holds a compass of vigilance, cautiousness and patience.

He always toes a path that is consistent with our Maker's Will.

His character is a true manifestation of God's principles.

He lives, leads and shows a worthy life for his offsprings to do same.

He has set an indestructible foundation for the world.

A foundation that has given us hope and better livelihoods.

In seasons and out of seasons, he makes sure the needs, demands and desires of his family are magnificently fulfilled.

He's not just a man, but someone who is assertive enough to accept responsibility of his actions, decisions, and plans.

He has the foresight to picture a woman that best fits his life patterns.

You're worth celebrating, our foundation.

All mankind around the globe commune and unite in sweet harmony to appreciate and graciously celebrate you today.

Author: Theophilus Quaicoe


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Theophilus Quaicoe
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