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22.05.2019 Opinion

Is Marriage A Big Decision To Make?

By Paul Zowonu

And I heard the celebrated motivational pastor preaching to his young congregants 'Marriage is a big decision to make; don't take that decision lightly'

Then the young congregants received the message " preach on"

Then the pastor bellowed once more' Marriage can make or unmake you"

Then the dazzled congregants met his voice up standing ' Oh Lord, help me '

And I wondered about the bases of all the fuss over a decision to marry.

For me, I dont really think marriage decision is the biggest decision any man would be forced to make.

For a woman, maybe. You see, marriage may only be the biggest decision for a woman because by a singular decision to marry right, a woman could change his destiny for better .

A woman's singular decision to marry a good man who has a promising future could be enough to affect her life and even her family.

We hear of lowly women marrying into families and suddenly they inherit large properties when the ill fate happens and the man passes away.

I recently heard of a woman who inherited a large property of a man by his own will even when she never gave the man a biological child.

So, it makes sense if a woman takes pains to decide on who to marry.

But no man has any reason to claim publicly he isnt getting married because marriage is a serious decision to make; and pastors should never be making these claim to young men.

Marriage for a man who has his goal in life mapped out clearly and has the strategy to achieve it, should be able to wake up one day to say I am marrying anybody; because he does not need a wife to largely influence his destiny.

Just think of it. How could anybody expect a man who cannot make a decision to take just a single wife to be able to exercise good judgement in signing into a business deal worth just GHC 10, 000 ?

He might take eternity to make a business decision involving large sums of money.

Taking a decision to marry one's girlfriend isnt any decision close to making a decision on how to invest wisely a GHC10,000 capital.

So, you see men who make these excuses that marriage decision is a big deal are just childish and lack the resolve to take up the challenge in marriage.

Ironically, most of these pastors who make this claim to young ones have wives who do not play any direct role in their ministry to get their ministry to grow.

As I said, men who are secured enough by themselves could just pick wives of their fancy; they dont need special wives to be great.

That is why heir apparent royals could pick wives among common people; because they dont need wives from royalties to be great.

A man may not want to marry because he doesn't see himself capable of bearing the responsibility of another human being; some men love to keep their private selves and are uncomfortable ceding their privacy to another; some men may be enjoying all the good sex married people boast about and may not see the need to hurry into marriage.

These are good reasons for which a man may hesitate marrying.

A man however cannot claim he isnt able to settle down because marriage decision is a big decision.

He might as well take a hundred years to make that decision ; he wouldn't get that decision right.

Whatever a man finally achieves in life is what he actually struggles for. It comes from his wise financial management and the good investments he makes.

A man isnt poor because he married a bad wife; it is not right to trace a man's failure in life to the wife he chooses.

Paul Zowonu

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