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02.04.2019 Feature Article

"Blood Sucking Pioneers": The Determiners of Ghana's Breathing Patterns.

The True Revelation of 21st Century Political Operation Strategies.
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Advancement and progress in all facets of life project a broader and comprehensive image of happiness, fulfilment, appreciable standard of living and quality of life. But whenever foggy atmospheric condition swings its tails around the vicinity and doors of restless citizens, it contaminates their living airways, and eventually distorts their cardiovascular orientation and breathing patterns.

The directional flow of the fountain of progressive and sustainable societies embedded in consistent thirst for integrity, hunger for genuine service, and unfading love for all citizens has lost its sourcing point over many centuries.

Confusion, disorder, misdirection, pseudo promises, disheartening orientation, and selfish-oriented spirits have been the overriding channel of operation of most political game agents, since time immemorial.

Sometimes, this low tone demeanor overshadows and inslaves the true inner spirits of Ghanaians, and cripples them from exhibiting their positive orientation of selflessness, restlessness, patriotism, and evergreen service to the nation. The surrounding features of this situation sound so vague and implicit in theory, but it's intensely and explicitly manifested heinously in its reality domain.

When we take a ride around the forecourt of this nation, one would realise that the walls and foundational imperatives of Ghana are broken down into pieces. The symbolic features of the Flag of Ghana have been inverted, misplaced and replaced by an automated evil machinery. A dungeon trap has been set forth by these blood sucking agents to imprison the minds and souls of Ghanaians, dismantle the visionary poles, and indoctrinate many citizens by effectively utilizing their domineering potency of greed, shortsightedness, flattery operational mode, and lackadaisical mirroring personalities. Servant leadership has woefully lost its priceless connotation to domineering elitism, missionless & visionless political race, and selfish hypocritical cowards.

Wealth amassment is their soul demanded "prayer" whilst oppression and intense suffering of the "masses" is their soul fulfilled desire. Each time they breathe and rejoice in their eigenwelt zones, countless number of the masses encounter very severe tribulations in their respiratory system. The higher they parachute, the more suppressed and depressed the masses.

Sadly and heinously, upon sucking the blood of the masses to create a universe of extravagance, affluence, fully assured and comfortable living patterns, and silver platter-like lifestyle, they continue to constantly rob, pirate, and deprive the masses of their "peanuts", deserved opportunities, rights and liberties. Some may call it social death before physical death! Or a camouflaged style of 21st century slavery? Maybe it's an eye opener and a punitive strategy to test the enlightenment lens and mental faculty of Ghanaians, that they're not worth the opportunities granted them to serve the nation, but almost all the citizens are rather idle and reckless about the situation.

Should we allow them to create a hole in our cardio? Must we allow them to constantly pierce our souls painfully and severely?

Many Ghanaians have lost their lives and sense of direction through heart attacks, fake promises, intense humiliation, suffering and oppression. Others are still experiencing cardiovascular diseases, extreme poverty and hunger, but no one seems to care about their deplorable plight. But when it's time for elections, we would see and hear these blood sucking pioneers, moving and touching every corner of the nation with their flattery packing tools and equipment, working diligently from dawn to dusk to build alliance and strong social capital with communities whose names are not even on their memory codes, to buy and win their priceless political rights.

After gaining the power, they continue to suck the blood of the masses painfully again, and the cycle continues to run over and over again.

I vehemently believe that every Ghanaian is competent, knowledgeable, wise and enlightened enough to strive and work assiduously in order to get full emancipation from this 21st century slavery.

With a strong force of alliance, indestructible commitment and unbreakable shield of social capital, Ghanaians can gain full control of their breathing patterns rather than leaving them in the hands of heartless blood sucking pioneers.

Theophilus Quaicoe
Social Work 4, KNUST
[email protected]


Theophilus Quaicoe
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I am currently a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Dept. of Sociology and Social Work, KNUST - Ghana.
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