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One Easy Way To Becoming A Walking Dead

One Easy Way To Becoming A Walking Dead
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Then God said, “Let make man in our own image, in our likeness…” So God made man in His own image, in the image of God He created Him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:26-27.

Everything that exists comes from a source; the air we breathe has a source, the food we eat, water and even we human’s, the greatest of all creations have a source. The music we listen to have a source, the cloth we wear, the light we use; now don’t go thinking about portable dumsor

There is nothing under this sun that came out of nothing; even good and bad has a source, positive and negative emotions have their sources, a good economy has a source and so does a bad one.

And saying that all things have sources, it also appears that the minute they decide they don’t like their sources or they are abandoning their sources, that is the very moment they die. All things must be maintained and sustained by where they come from, meaning the life of everything depends on it source.

The moment the plant decides to leave the earth, it dies. If the fish decides it doesn’t like water or the ocean that is the very moment the fish dies. Man cannot leave earth without additional gears because a man was made for the earth and it takes the earth to maintain and sustain the life of man unless God decides otherwise.

Most people are just ‘walking dead’ because they decided they don’t want their sources anymore. They think they can maintain and sustain the life they have on their own. Some even go so low by disconnecting with their source and connecting to trees, waters and stones for survival. Let take a moment and look at the life of people who depend on these things, take a moment and look at their end.

The purpose of man erupts from his source; what we were sent to planet earth to do is directly related to our source and man cannot fulfill his purpose when he abandons his source. The fish cannot survive and multiply and fulfill its purpose as food for man if it decides to abandon the water, unless we have new breed of fishes that can leave without water. Plants cannot grow if they decide they don’t need the soil anymore.

So in reality, people are lost, I have seen students who attend lectures for lectures sake, people have no plan for life, they live by the day and people do so many dump things and we wonder how they think. All these things happen and we miss out on our purpose and settle for less because we have lost contact with our source.

Imagine a country like Ghana, with all the natural resources we are still at where we are instead of connecting to our sources and making value out of them, we are selling them raw. So the country is a walking dead in all sectors with whole lots of problems.

The world is going nut because we have decided to abandon our source; technology is good, so is education but these things cannot replace where we come from or what we came from. There is war and pain everywhere because we have abandoned our source and therefore the principles that govern it.

Know that there are principles guiding where everything comes from. The plant cannot grow in the soil even the soil is poisoned, nor would the fish grow in the sea if the sea is not healthy or working under the principles they were created. So we can be connected to our sources but not fruitful all because we are not applying the principles.

So it is very easy to live an empty life or die without anything when we have no connections with our source. Don’t let the flashy cars and luxuries fool you, don’t let the fame and what the eyes sees misguide you; you can’t live the life you were made for if you are disconnected from your source.

And I am here to announce that we humans have only one source and that is God, we are gods, we are not physical beings but spiritual beings trying to experience the physical. So if we want to do away with empty lives or dying empty, let go back to the ancient God. Let trace our steps back to our roots.

Decide to live in your purpose today, stay with your source and the principles guiding it and you will win both in this life and the life after. Shalom.

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