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February 20, 2018 | World International

Yidan Prize Winner Says Test Scores While Important In Today's World Do Not Tell Us What Students Are Capable Of Achieving In The Future

David Wine

In a new interview with C. M. Rubin, Founder of CMRubinWorld, Carol Dweck, explains that while grades and test scores are “not going away any time soon,” they do not tell us what students are capable of achieving in the future.

“Many people’s abilities blossom later when they dedicate themselves to something they value and are deeply interested in,” says Dweck, who believes it’s critical for schools to “put a premium on progress and improvement for the advanced and the less advanced students.”

Dweck’s growth mindset research has found that children who believe their talents and abilities can be developed through hard work, perseverance and lots of good mentoring from others are willing to take on more learning challenges. When faced with these challenges, they are more resilient and more likely to succeed, particularly children from vulnerable populations.

Dweck believes that children should be encouraged to take on challenges and should be rewarded for “the real progress they are making.” She adds that educators should not be valuing effort alone since “effort is just one route to learning and improvement.” She believes educators need to find ways to motivate students so that “they can experience the growth of their abilities.”

Carol Dweck has been elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, and is a Herbert Simon Fellow of the Academy of Political and Social Science. She has also received the James McKeen Cattel Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Psychological Science, the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the American Psychological Association and the Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences from the National Academy of Sciences. She was named recipient of the inaugural Yidan Prize in September 2017 in recognition of her innovative contributions to education.

CMRubinWorld launched in 2010 to explore what kind of education would prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing globalized world. Its award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, is a celebrated trailblazer in the renaissance of the 21st century, and occupies a special place in the pulse of key issues facing every nation and the collective future of all children.

It connects today’s top thought leaders with a diverse global audience of parents, students and educators. Its highly readable platform allows for discourse concerning our highest ideals and the sustainable solutions we must engineer to achieve them. C. M. Rubin has produced over 550 interviews and articles discussing an expansive array of topics under a singular vision: when it comes to the world of children, there is always more work to be done.

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