A Rare Satisfaction In A 'Wakye' Queue

Feature Article A Rare Satisfaction In A 'Wakye' Queue
DEC 15, 2017 LISTEN

It was 8:00am today. I was driving to the house after taking my car to servicing.

Then I saw an enthusiastic male crowd around her youthful pleasant self at an unusual place dishing the popular dish to the male enthusiast.

The scene was like a postpartum feminine dripping breast milk into the famished mouths of some male toddlers.

I was excited about the male clan in this matter. I wanted to be part. I had quickly gathered that it was the first out sale of this young entrepreneur.

It made me more excited. I wanted to be part of this historic moment of being counted among the stalwart of men that saw it happen the very first day.

I packed my car close to the table. She spotted me. I guess I was the first customer in a car to grace her presence.

I pulled out a brand new GHC 5:00 and GHC 1:00 notes. I asked her to dish me in leaves two packs: GHC 2:00 'wakye ' and GHC 1:00 ' wele '.

She was smart.
In a few minutes, one zealot male customer did her the honors to bring my dish to me.

I drove away excited about being part of the thrill in buying 'wakye ' with the local boys.

On parking the car at home, I quickly got out a plate from the drawer and poured in the 'wakye' that meant so much to me whilst my wife watched me in her raised eyebrows.

I took the first spoon in.
It didn't satisfy my usual taste of a good 'wakye'; and my wife noticed it in my face.

She asked ' where did you buy it'?
I didn't oblige her an answer.
I didn't want her to take the joy of this special moment from me.

It did not matter if it didn't taste good; what was important was that I was part of history.

And it didn't also matter if her first dish didn't satisfy my taste of a 'wakye '; she would improve in the subsequent cooks.

The most important thing for me now was that I was part of that historic moment that ushered her into food enterprise.

Who knows what future prospects this business has ?

I might get the opportunity to tell her one day that I was part of the male crowd that ate out her first ' wakye '.

Who knows where that conversation would lead us?
15/12/17: 10:57

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