25.11.2017 Feature Article

Magnetic John Dramani Mahama

Magnetic John Dramani Mahama
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Leadership is an engine of innovation that runs on unity, truth, communication and vision. There are various types of great leaders, but the type that I admire most which is unarguably the greatest is a magnetic leader.

A magnetic leader is a listener, and has a contagious unifying force that brings people together; such leaders are not weighed down by negativity. They lead through dissidence and opposition with confidence. Besides, the ability to forgive is probably one of the greatest allies that a magnetic leader can have, and I'm happy to state here that these are the qualities former President Mahama has brought to bear on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Ghana as a whole.

The former president is one of the most vilified, pilloried, stabbed in the back, betrayed, let down, double-crossed, deceived and cheated leaders of our time: and I expected him to be bitter and hurt. But I was wrong; he told a mammoth gathering of party supporters after a Unity Walk in Tarkwa that all members of the party should forgive one another irrespective of the level of hurt;

I shed tears knowing the kind of things he has gone through! He never ceases to amaze. Obviously, he did it for unity, he did it for the wellbeing of his party and country. It’s not easy to forgive especially when you have been wronged in the worst possible way. But JM has shown leadership, and it is incredible.

In every situation in life, unity is necessary for survival, and history has taught us the importance of unity, that if a group is united, nothing can shake or unsettle it; and it is based on this that I strongly believe the NDC is going to bounce back in style. I have no shred of doubt about that. If the rank and file of the party would hold the hands of one another, and trudge down the trenches, Victory 2020 would be a mathematical certainty!

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