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The Allied Health Graduates, 2017/2018 Year Group Delayed Internship Allowance - Act Now!

...An Open Letter To The Minister Of Health, Hon. Kwaku Manu-Agyemang
The Allied Health Graduates, 2017/2018 Year Group Delayed Internship Allowance - Act Now!

I'm entirely inimical by the manner and avalanche of the ways which the ministry of health is treating the current batch of graduates of allied health professionals who are doing their national service/internship for 2017/2018. In the first place, I can state emphatically that this year group is the same people who were denied the allowances when the current government took the decision to restore the "scrapped" allowances by the previous government.

Allied Health Professional graduates are students who have completed the state-owned health training institutions ranging from the College of Health-Kintampo, Physiotherapy and Orthotics Training School, Brother Tarsicius Prosthetics Training College and the School of Hygiene Korle-bu.

These graduates offer quality health-care services across the nooks and crannies of our country including Medical Laboratory Services, Dental Services, Nutritional Services, Physiotherapy Services, Health Information and Promotion Services, Disease Control Services, Environmental Health Services, Prosthetics and Orthotic Health Services.

After all this services, this is the kind of music they have face for serving Ghana.

Upon the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the council of these graduates and the ministry of health, your office (as the ministry of health) is responsible for the payment of NSS/Internship allowances for these graduates who have served and still serving the country in an empty stomach from September 1 up to date.

Meanwhile, other service personnel who are sponsored by the National Service Scheme have already received their monthly allowances.

I have to write to you this open letter to let the cat out of the bag that these "children" of yours are going through the mill. I would by this medium ask you to have the boot on the other foot and save them from financial clearance. Your children are starving in the desserts of this hardships for "a stitch in time saves nine".

Honorable, honestly upon reading this scribe : I expect you and the government to come to rescue of this menace before it gets out of hands. I would personally and passionately call on you to reverse the skyrocketing values of these graduates before they find their own graves.

To conclude, I would state that: for an excellent health of this country and the citizens, the ministry should as a matter of urgency listen to the cry of these graduates who have served and is still serving the country in an empty stomach for the past two months. I believe you are the father for all and would not see to it that graduates are deprived of what is due them.

Yours faithfully,
Kelly Michael Agbesi
(An affected graduate)

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