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Peter Suaka Writes: WAEC Is Dead And Must Be Resurrected

Peter Suaka Writes: WAEC Is Dead And Must Be Resurrected
LISTEN JUN 18, 2015

We can all choose to go the ostrich way, burry our heads in the sand and say there is no problem. The fact is that Ghana should be heartedly prepared to embrace the worse teachers ever, the worse and murderous doctors ever, the worse nurses ever and probably the worse president ever in the next twenty to thirty years from now.

Because the impact of WAEC’s incompetence is not immediately felt like the recent unfortunate Accra twin-disaster, we will grouse over it and get back to bed. And because the impact of WAEC’s ineffectiveness is not like any fatal motor accident or a cholera outbreak, we can afford to give a blind to it. This should not even be WAEC’s matter but a national security matter because the implications are too massive on our country than we think.

Let’s get a bit constructive here, what will prompt someone to leak only paper (2) of a subject and declined to leak the paper (1) of that same subject? What will motivate anybody to leak the paper (2) of the English subject which comprise essay and comprehension and could be difficult to copy by any student but decline to leak the most easily cope able paper(1) which constitute forty Objective questions for forty marks? What will make someone leak mathematics or Science paper (2) and decline to leak the paper (1)? Are these laterally reasonable questions far and above the desk of the ministry of education and the Ghana Education Service that it can’t probe WAEC for answers.

What is the meaning of “the paper (2)’s of these important subjects have been compromised”? How about the paper (1)’s? What integrity has the first papers of these subjects that it should be allowed to stay? Which investigative report of WAEC discovered that only the paper (2)’s of these subjects leaked but not the paper (1)’s? How messy and muddled WAEC is, such that exam papers could be leaked as early as three days to the commencement of a universally administered examination such as the BECE. So bad and popular such that a young roasted plantain seller on the road side somewhere could have access to it and “wished she had registered to write some” as she put it. So embarrassing!!

I however don’t blame WAEC, me as an individual will not deal with an entity, institution or a person who has no credibility. I blame the ministries of education and the various national security apparatus of the five West African countries who subscribe to WAEC as a credible examination institution. Do we ever care to assess the robustness of important institutions like WAEC? Do we ever care to provide answers to reasons why qualifications and certificates from our part of the world is hardly respected anywhere outside the precincts of our countries? We all know the conditions and pre-conditions we are made to fulfill when we apply to study abroad from this part of the world. I believe the US, the UK, the Canada’s and co. embassies are monitoring what is going on right now in our country.

I don’t intend to give a blind to contribution of teachers to this mess. But let’s get more real here. At the end of this artificial, fake and insincerely conducted examination such as this, the Ghana Education Service will compile a long list of schools in each district, from the “best” performing school to the “worse” performing school at the bottom, hahahahah!!! Funny! Give me a break!! I wish I was powerful than I am, I would have immediately instructed these hypocritical Districts, Regional and National Directors of Education to change these rankings from the best “apor” dominated schools to the least “apor” dominated schools? This may probably best describe the visibly façade situation on the ground which they are wide awake to, and aware of.

Teachers on the ground are laterally berated with insults and criticisms from their superiors when their schools fail to perform. Head teachers are threatened with transfers when their schools fail to perform by these “apor” standards, and you can imagine what these head teachers will do to the respective subject teachers in their schools. As embarrassing as it is, you will see teachers of various subjects engaging in intense competition for “apor” to ensure that students pass in their subject so that they can protect their job. Humiliating!!

I believe someone reading this will as a typical Ghanaian ask where my evidence is. And others will say, call him to provide evidence to the allegations he is making. I don’t care and I don’t “give a derm” to anybody’s pretentiousness about this. I am a teacher for almost ten years now and have been witnessing this in the last four to five years and the situation gets worse year by year. If the so called leadership in administrative positions will not talk about it, some of us will talk about it.

I won’t wait till my child is killed by an “apor” graduated Medical Doctor or an “apor” Nurse. I will talk about it now. WAEC is dead and must be resurrected.

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