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Is Our Government A 'Kaprem' Government?

Is Our Government A 'Kaprem' Government?
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With my experience in selling on credit for the past 10 years I have come across three kinds of customers. First, is the instant payer. He is the kind that pays you instantly because he does not feel comfortable owing.

Second is the truthful payer. He is the kind who pays you promptly as agreed i.e. if for one or two months.

Then finally is the Kaprem payer. He is the kind who does not fear debt in fact he earns more than he spends yet finds it difficult to pay his debts. Some call him Aginkawi or Kadibu for the sake of this article I would stick to the Kprem payer and trust me he is the most difficult customer in fact he is the only customer who can collapse your business.

He wouldn't call you, he will avoid your calls and when you manage to find him he will tell you he doesn't have money for you even when you meet him eating Fufu and Aponkye Nkrakra. They are the ones who can insult you and let you no that even Obama Sef Dey owe. For such customers the only way you can collect your money is by threatening him with the police or Antoa.

Analyzing the number of institutions the government owe am tempted to believe that our government is behaving like a Kaprem government.

taxes are collected every day, monies from the port is coming, vat and NHIL is been payed everyday, gold, cocoa plas oil monies dey flow yet he has refused to pay his bills. he has increased every utility tariff yet he has refused to increase our salaries. below are a few instances of Kapreism

1. School Feeding: According to one Cecilia the government has refused to pay them for the past one year so i ask myself does he expect them to continue preparing food for the poor children. as for the government response the least said about it the better since Cecilia confirmed that when they confront them they are insulted instead of telling them something sensible. she even quizzed that you haven't even paid us why are you lying to the public that you are going to expand the project.

2. Nurses Allowance: on the 7th of July over 800 nurses hit the streets demonstrating for their unpaid allowances for the past 2 years.

3. GetFund: the court ordered the minister of finance to pay its debt owed to GetFund and up till now the government has refused to pay rendering our contractors broke and turning our students abroad thieves and prostitutes.

4. POTAG: all polytechnic schools in Ghana are closed because the government has refused to pay the lecturers their allowance. the students took it to court and also demonstrated on the streets yet the government has refused to listen to them.

5. NHIL: Mission hospitals have asked all its branches to withdraw their services due to the non payment by government but in an interview with the person responsible he said has spoken to them to rescind their decision. my question is why not just pay them since talks don't put food on the table.

6. Cement Shortage: The officers from GHACEM have made it clear that due to the 'Dumsor Dumsor' they are unable to produce at full capacity making the commodity scares therefore leading to the increase in the price of cement but in a rebuttal our leader who doesn't work there says they are lying but it is due to panic buying. i hear he did cut a sword for a new cement factory, well the least said about it the better.

7. Fuel Shortage: The CEO for BDCS came out to say that the government owes them 1.5billion making it difficult for them to raise lcs to import crude therefore there will be shortage, the deputy finance minister came out to say that the debt was 304 million instead. My problem is just pay them.

8. Black Stars Appearance Fee: the monies that belongs to the players been paid by FIFA and it took Kevin insulting Appiah, Sule Slapping Moses and smashing Nyantakyi with a glass, the whole team snubbing the minister of sports and holding the whole nation to ransom before their own monies were released to them haaaaaaaba!!!!

9. In the midst of all these hardship the Kaprem government is able to pay for useless projects like SUBA, SADA and dubious judgement debt. In order not to bore you with a long write up i will leave it here for you to continue the analyses but my questions are

a. Is the Mahama government refusing to hear our cry?

b. Is the government a propaganda government?

c. Is the government a knee-jerk government?

d. Is the government an 'Adon Care' government or he is simply a Kaprem government.?

Fire (De Ordinary Ghanaian)

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