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17.02.2014 Feature Article

Smal Boys Are Young

Smal Boys Are Young
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'Small boys are young' was our youthfully impetuous play talk. Its contemporary politically correct gender-sensitive form will be: 'Small boys and small girls are young.' It had to do with inexperience and immaturity in handling issues of life.

A television bar message announcing apparent desperation with supplies to the blood bank provoked the 'small boys are young' reminiscence. Volunteering, whether offered in blood donation or any other form of donation to charity, is conditioned by national morale.

When people are economically upbeat, they volunteer. In poverty and deprivation, they concentrate on personal plight. If the small boys and girls running corporate motherland understood this, they would never have gone near exercising power and authority, being so frivolous and capricious in their actions.

They couldn't have known in their lack of experience which encouraged making one million dollars quick and fast. In their youthful stealing exuberance, they never knew that once you start spending money, putting the motherland's money into your personal pocket, the hole created in the coffers stays until the implicit repercussions blow up into an ailing economy with a seriously haemorrhaging cedi.

Some of my compatriots doubted me when I said congress of youth without a cause, besides looting public funds, is ideologically bankrupt. I noted social democracy is no ideology and that they have been parading themselves among Socialist International as the rightful successors to Osagyefo's CPP and not the usurpers that they are.

Believers in Osagyefo's ideology know in Karl Marx terms that the economy decides everything.

Capitalist William Jefferson Clinton's James Carville-led election war room boys and girls rehashed the Marxist credo as 'the economy, stupid!'

Congress naïve small boys would have realized that in nation building if you fail with an economy, nothing else works.

That Osagyefo talk they gleefully talked for electioneering advantage over their opponents is now proven to have been propaganda talk because they have since demonstrated, beyond doubt, that they lack capacity to act Nkrumahism.

If only we have been measuring business confidence and consumer confidence regularly, the results would have warned us about a cedi about to bleed profusely. When congresspeople were hailing single digit inflation and the Bawumias alerted all in the motherland that it was phony, congress resorted to insulting the critics whom they branded as knowing nothing.

Measured business and consumer confidence statistics would have helped congress boys and girls to understand the bitter truth that the critics were telling about the inflation figures.

The power of economics is such that it sends negative messages spiraling, 'viraling,' snowballing and rippling vertically, horizontally and in circles with effects on all other elements of society including family, church, politics and, particularly, general well-being.

Just show me one social intervention that congress has initiated that reduces the suffering of the poor and disadvantaged in the motherland. All they have done has been to siphon every pesewa that is supposed to go into the Kufuor compassion initiated MMT, NHIS, school feeding, capitation grant and NYEP.

They quickly re-arranged the NYEP into a GYEEDA channel of fake guinea fowl and dry season tree-planting projects for nefariously and surreptitiously redirecting motherland funds into congress private pockets.

When I used to complain that youth does not necessarily equates efficiency, especially in managing a national economy, I couldn't find collaborators. Today everyone is saying it. God's people are saying it and monitors of presidential incompetence are saying it.

It is all that because small boys and girls are young. They know too little to be positively effective in managing the motherland. And they have too little experience in paying rent, paying electricity bills, paying water bills and even paying school fees.

They themselves have come to accept they don't have what it takes to run a nation of old people, young people, very young people and average people. They have found their knowledge level so low that they think they need to top that up. It is clear they find themselves inadequate without what it takes to develop a motherland.

Any chief manager who has the capacity to develop the motherland with conviction would have realised the failure of the so-called young nation managers. He would have seen that as soon as they started going to school to learn what it takes to be able to run a motherland successfully.

They are using the motherland's time to go to school to learn what they should have known to be appointed to handle national affairs. Assuming they succeed, what about the crucial experience that should go with the school knowledge?

Indeed, 'small boys and girls are young' accounts for the congress trait of an executive, currently of 678 dwarfs spiriting salaries from the consolidated fund, never able to submit a document to lawmakers without mistakes.


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