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Wicked politician and the over vulnerable Ghanaian

Wicked politician and the over vulnerable Ghanaian
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Looking at our situation through my lenses the Ghanaian situation is just like a woman married to a wife beater but refuses to leave her matrimonial home no matter how badly she is beaten and bruised just in the name of holy matrimony, for that lady's information there is something also called divorce which is approved by the courts and the bible.

Our politicians have taken us for punching bags and don't care how badly we are bruised.

It's all because of the way we vote in Ghana, we don't vote on issues it's either the man comes from my hometown or the party belongs to ewe or Ashanti or the man is too short or the man is too tall, how? because of this when the party is misbehaving their voters are ready to stick with them through their foolishness, the most annoying thing is when you accuse NDC of wrong doing they refer you that NPP did same and vice versa.`

How come with all the resources and now oil included our politicians can't feed 25millions people, is it incompetence or wickedness its way beyond my understanding and I need practical explanations not big English explanations.

How come Bui dam has been inaugurated to produce more electricity yet tariffs have been increased abnormally, trust me the people who can afford to pay are the ones complaining so how about those who can't don't you think we will be encouraging illegal connection and unnecessary arrest of citizens?

How come the politician is bent on selling merchant bank which belongs to the citizens to his cronies no matter how much the citizens complain?

How come we are constantly asked to tighten our belts yet we see a lot of individual politicians putting up huge filling stations.

What I have realized Is that when the politician is in opposition he cares about everyone but when he wins power then they can all go to hell, if not why don't they listen to our complains or they become death and dumb when they win power with apologies to the death and dumb.

One thing that sent shivers down my spine was when I heard of the inauguration of the Disable supporters association of Ghana, all I said was oh ho, the cripple too no mercy? Even our local Stadia don't support them how come all of a sudden we love them so much we want to fly them from here to Brazil to watch football, cant these opportunistic politicians give these monies to them since majority of them have to beg on the street to make ends meet?

I believe that with this attitude of the politician the over vulnerable citizen will wake up to the fact that there is divorce. I am not suggesting that people should react violently but trust me when you keep punching people to the wall you leave them with no option than to react violently, when things become unbearable and hunger increases, uncontrollable anger is ignited and when that happens not even the police or the army can stop the citizen because their families will be part of the uprising and non will be able to fire a single tear gas.

A word to a wise is enough.
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