DEC 5, 2012 LISTEN

Too much power in one man's hand is a dangerous thing and that's what goes on in Ghana every 4 years when we give all the power to one man called Afari Gyan what if he decides to abuse it one day since human beings are not immune to change. You would agree with me that we give the EC power to work for us but as the years have gone by they have learnt to abuse that power indiscriminately, for instance they have the mandate to compile the names of security service personals for the special voting and when the day of voting comes a lot of them don't find their names in the register then when day ask for an explanation he tells them they should have transferred their votes to their various post meanwhile the transfer process took place before they got to know where they would be posted to.

Nana Kunadu Agyeman Rawlings husband has been president for over nineteen years during which he submitted forms for his presidential candidature to the EC twice but Afari Gyan managed to tell us that the wife was not able to fill the same forms, a form which even Ayarigate was able to fill, a form which an independent candidate was able to fill yet Afari Gyan was able to fail NDP lead by an experienced politician like Nana Kunadu Agyeman and when they asked for some time and chance to resubmit their forms he told them to go to court, lo and behold they went to court and lost. Obia nye obia.

45 new constituency were created by this same man amidst the greatest hue and cry ever in Ghana not even Kufour a fomer president could stop him.

This same man was able to kick all journalist out of the special voting this year. Infact they did not argue with him but rather pleaded with him to temper justice with mercy yet Afari Gyan looked them in their eyes and teased them saying where were you when they were passing the bill, instead of reading it and fighting for your right you were rather on air talking a lot about nothing and trying to prevent me Afari Gyan from creating the new constituencies a fight which you knew you were going to lose lhao. Now our journalist is now fighting for basic things like accreditation.

This same man was able to hold Ghana to ransom for four days during the 2008 elections when the whole nation kept pleading with him to release the result. The funniest part was that when someone tried to declare the result he would quickly come out via a press conference to say he is the only legitimate person mandated to announce the final results.

One thing I have observed is that he is very cunning, troublesome and always one step ahead of the Ghanaian it's as if he has weighed us and knows our capabilities and temperaments what I don't know is what ingredients makes him behave in such stubborn ways, is it the whisky and cigarette like rumours have it? Or the club beer he loves so much.

Finally we are here once again @ the polls come 7the December 2012, although we know how capable he is we are at the same time asking him to stand firm and stick to his principles since mortals can change and he might be tempted to have a good pension package as it's going to be his last year in power. Secondly the stakes are very high this year since oil is involved and you know what the black gold can do.

I wish all Ghanaians the best come 7th Dec 2012 and would like them to keep in the back of their minds that they are going for a contest in which there are two results ie a win or lose so that when they win or lose they would take it in good faith and respect the will of the majority of Ghanaians.

God bless Ghana. Peace. Shalom.
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