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02.10.2012 Feature Article

Yet Another Chance to Get our Leadership Act Together

Ghanaians need to get our act together when it comes to electing visionary and effective leaders if we are to escape our many problems. So far, our record is a mixed bag in this regard, at best.

In the United States for instance, Americans have risen more times than not to this test many times. For instance, in spite of Clinton's reputation as someone with some personal failings, at least as it relates to sexual morality, Americans elected and still hold him in high regard due to his effective leadership skills. Again, Americans overcame racial and religious suspicions to elect the likes of President Obama and John F. Kennedy.

Ghanaians on the hand seem to have a hard time electing effective leaders. Issues such as humility, handsomeness and tribal backgrounds seem to dominate while effectiveness and vision, at best, seem to be relegated to the background. Granted, many a time, leaders were forced on us via coups. However, we also have to take some responsibility on some of our choices in the past.

Our attitude regarding why we choose our leaders needs to change if we are to truly advance our country. And, there is not a single more important factor in the march towards advancement than electing an effective and good President. Without such a President, our nation will not even begin to escape corruption, filth, unemployment, lawlessness, poverty and many other unfortunate things we need to change around.

Today, I believe we have another opportunity to elect a leader who has demonstrated trustworthiness, vision, experience, inclusiveness, togetherness, unity, readiness, commitment, strength of character, fight, competence and experience to lead us towards real advancement. His name is Nana Akufo-Addo. He is not without some faults and flaws like say President Clinton. But, he is truly heads and shoulders above his peers.

Nana has been in politics for a while and I am sure learned a lot with which he will serve Ghanaian well with. He has shown himself incorruptibility when many others in even lesser positions of influence have not. He has demonstrated his commitment to transforming Ghana especially through expanding and improving basic and technical education, selecting competent surrogates such as Dr. Bawumia and focusing on adding value to our raw materials such as Dr. Busia started.

His audacity is in the mold of President Nkrumah, his plans to transform Ghana is right out of the book of Prof. Busia, his toughness is in the mold of Yaa Asentewaa, while his business savvy is cut right out of the Kufuor cloth.

Today, we have Presidents who are out almost everyday preaching their commitment to peaceful elections. In Nana, Ghanaians will not require such re-assurances from their President. They will absolutely not doubt his commitment to democracy and peace.

Let us not miss another opportunity to get our country's leadership act together. Let's vote wisely on December 7th and not fall for anther round of a hollow political leader.

Prince Ofosu Sefah.
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Prince Ofosu Sefah
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