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Response To Mills' Call On Clergy On Politics Of Insult And Influx Of False Prophets

Response To Mills' Call On Clergy On Politics Of Insult And Influx Of False Prophets

Following our President's speech on Politics of Insults and the influx of false prophets, I've received a number of calls from persons who were worried over the presidents comment, asking that 'do I know that I was the one the president was referring when he said 'these are fake'?'.

Initially, I told them no because the President knows very well that every prophecy I've told him from the God of Israel in the past came to pass and that with time the president may come out with the prophets he is referring to.

However, there is a very serious matter I want to bring to the notice of the Ghanaian people.

We were all in this country, when the Mills' government planned a fake prophetic conference themed “Ghana In Prophecy”. They, haven long known me as one proclaiming the voice of the God of Israel of matters concerning the President, John Evans Atta Mills and the American President Barack Obama, as well as defending our president on a number of suppossed derogatory remarked and fabrications against him called on me to participate of what I have described above as a “Fake Prophetic Conference” or earlier ”Religious fraud”. They intentionally, put a Reverend Minister, Reverend Eli Lumor and wife, Madam Nimatu Sulley, upfront to deceive the Ghanaian people into thinking Government was not involved when indeed it sponsored it with an amount of forty thousand cedis(GH¢40,000). As for me I was ready to always proclaim whatever the God of Israel tells me no matter how fatal it may be, because before I was born, He had spoken to my Father about things concerning my future as His servant. If they knew I was why did they ask the Deputy Minister of Information, Hon Fiifi Kwetey to call me speack at the Ghana in Prephesy Conference. Even The Deputy Minister confessed on tape that they realized most of my prophecies had manifested.

My dear readers is this not a high level of hypocricy on the part of the Mills' Government.I did not attend any so called Bible school or Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes School to become a prophet, neither did I go to any Juju man or spiritualist for powers as some are using the spirit of frog(Revelation 16)from the Beast of Revelation chapter 13 to perform all sorts of miracles spreading the Mark of the Beast 666 across but I had my teachings in my dream when I sleep by hand of the God of Israel who revealed himself to me.

Very true it was when, Solomon prophesied of this generation saying they are righteous in their own eyes, but their sins are as dirty as filthy rugs before the Lord.

Of cause an evil generation always wants to see signs and wonders and the Beast has translated itself into an Angel of light to deceive the world in the name of Christ thus Christ himself knowing that this will happen in end times prophesied that at an appointed time, many will come to him saying, 'did we not do this and that miracles in your name', we are told from the Holy bible, Christ will reject them and tell them he never knew them and that they workers of lawlessness. My brothers and sisters what I want you to know is that in this end times, Its not about miracles because Christ was baptized on the 31st of July 2008, fulfilling the prophecy he gave in His times. He said this when He had already been baptized by John the Baptist far long. This time we are in now is all about layalty. People in government must be truthful and teach morals that the grassroot will emulate exhibiting examplary leadership. That is what Ghana needs to grow not hypocrisy.

The second Baptism was to prepare the Lord Jesus Christ for a great Battle on earth since he is returning to reign on earth as King not in heaven, that is after wards. I wonder the part of the bible read. They lean on their own understanding which is brutish. The world was ushered into the second Siege on the 21st of December 2008 but will be realized physically on earth from the year 2013 across the world. All those who fasted on that day will be divinely guided with their descendants through the Second siege from year 2013 onwards.

Now let me go back to the Ghana in Prophecy confab. I must say that when government was exposed on how they had planned to ridicule the Rawlingses by making prophets prophecy altogether in favor of the President, they now turn to a rigging Agenda to clear their name and defend themselves as well as assassinate me, Segbene.

What they do not know is that, the God of Israel is monitoring their actions closely. After they had succeeded in rigging the Sunyani polls which term a ”mystic Rigging”, they decided to denounce my membership of the NDC.

As I granted the media a lot of interviews across the Ghana and the world, I as well granted interview to one Ebenezer Ato Sam, aka Baby Ansabah, Editor of the Punch Newspaper on the 16th of July, 2011. After I have revealed a quarter of what the God of Israel have been telling me about the curse that engulfed the trenches of the Mills' government, he requested for my picture and my NDC membership Card. After I had given it to him, he, upon seeing that I was a Gold member of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, seized my NDC Gold membership card; after scanning my photo he return it to me but refuse to return to me my Gold Membership Card. I insisted he gives it to me but he refused, saying He was going to publish my story the next Tuesday, 19th of July, 2011.

Apparently, I waited and he never published the story telling me he will publish it on Friday, 22nd of July, 2011. I requested for my Card but he told me he will return it on Friday when he makes the publication. In fact truthfully speaking, on Thursday evening I called Ato Sam to verify if he had published my story, he responded in the affirmative, telling me that I will see the story the next day. Knowing that my God lives and slumbers not, when I was going to bed that night, I prayed fervently on the matter, and when I slept I received a revelation. In this vision, I saw Ato Sam exchanging my NDC Gold Membership Card for money with some people at the Castle, Osu. In the that vision I heard an amount of sixteen thousand Ghana cedis(GH¢16,000) being mentioned.

Notwithstanding, when I got up from my sleep that Friday, I straight away went to the News Stand and realized he had made a rather quality and white paper cost intensive printing of his paper without a word from my article. He had deceived me but the God of Israel did not lie to me since he had already revealed to me what Ato Sam was doing with my Gold Card.

Straight away I called him several times but he never picked up my call. I went to his office where he granted me the interview, only to be told, the place was not his office and that he only comes there rarely. It became necessary for me to report the matter to the police. When I went to the Nima Police station, after my statement was taken, I was directed to one Inspector Harford , Telephone number 026 420 7004, who also took down my story saying they would solve the problem for me.

When I left the Nima Police Station, I went to the NDC Headquarters to tell them about the situation, but I was told the officials there were not in. However upon leaving premises of the NDC Headquarters, little did I know some people were monitoring my movement until I got to the circle over heard when I was attacked by two men on a Motorbike, wearing black and yellow shirt T-Shirt, with one hitting my back and the other slapping me. Those around asked pathetically, oh brother, do you know them? I said no in pain. It was sad and very painful my people, but I have forgiven them and prayed for them though to repent from their evil ways.

Following day Saturday, 23rd of July 2011, after the police and some fellow Journalists called Ato Sam about my Gold Card Issue, Ato Sam finally called me. In my conversation with him, he started lying and I told him he should please quickly return my Gold Card to the Nima Police Station Now. He became offended that I reported the matter to the police.

On Sunday, Adom FM, a Tema based radio Station, interviewed both of us, on Telephone and I could not stand how Ato Sam was lying on air, saying I should come for the Card any moment and that I did not request for the card, when I had already told him on Saturday to return the Card to the Nima Police Staion. He thinks I will meet him so can pursue another evil attack on me.

Monday came and I called the Nima Police Inspector, Mr. Hayford, who told me He had called Ato Sam and that he says he, the inspector should come to his office at 2pm for the Card. I wondered how powerful Ato Sam had become to tell a Police Inspector to rather come to his office for the Card instead of he, Ato Sam, reporting to the Nima Police Station. You can judge this conduct for yourself as per my revelation on Thursday night as stated above. Hmmn.

In fact 2pm came and Inspector Hayford was at the supposed Office of the Editor of the Punch Newspaper, Ato Sam, only to be told by the workers there that Ato Sam came and left,' what a hide and seek game'. He had dodged them because He had given My Card out to government and will now plan how to get it back since the matter was getting out of hand.

My fellow Ghanaians, I think by now you can read through the lines, what these people are up to. The next step they took was to arrange for Men of the clergy to go to the President for the President to slam false prophets in the country in a bid to ridicule me, following the massive “Mystic Rigging” that took place in Sunyani leading the NDC into Opposition come

2012 elections unless they repent.
My word of advice to Ghanaians and the world at large is that, everyone should REPENT NOW because the days ahead of us are evil and the God of Israel says He will be in battle in the 2012 elections against the Beast of Revelation chapter 13. He that reads let him understand…

As for Politics of insult, I think,all the political parties are guilty of that and it will be good that we all stop and concentrate on issues that will bless us and reverse the curse that is worrying our nation and the government must be a listening one to help solve the problem.

Thanks and God Bless everyone in abundance.
Segbene Xenodzi, Editor-In-Chief and publisher of “Segbene and The Ghana Decree Newspaper”

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