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The behavior of Col (rtd) Gbevlo as the National Security Coordinator (NSC) puts the position into conflict with what it is supposed to be. The National Security outfit was set up to coordinate the activities of the various security agencies to assure the nation at all times of its security. It appears Gbevlo has lost focus and direction in carrying out the core functions of the agency.

Contrary to expectation, Gbevlo has usurped the powers of nsamansaman (sanitation engineer) going from house to house verifying their suitability and cleanliness. He is so good in this assignment that he is able to determine ownership by just a sheer look at its location. A typical example is his visit to a refurbished property believed to be the office of the immediate past president of Ghana, John Agyekum Kuffour (JAK). (Ghanaweb General News 3/24/09) Soon after the visit, Gebvlo went on air, recommended his satisfaction of the property's condition and ceased it on grounds that it belonged to his outfit.

Prior to this Gbevlo had turned himself into the Repo man running after second-hand cars suspected to be the properties of the presidency but being mis-used by others other than the rightful owner – three BMWs' were confiscated by Gbevlo throwing into the wind all levels of decency, decorum and rule of law. Gbevlo has in the course of performing his duties come out with a new theory in security – that by coordinating the forceful repossession of pre-owned movable and immovable properties Ghana's security problems would be solved.

Gbevlo's theory had been put to test by a group calling itself Ga Dangme Youth Association. The association went on air threatening all property owners in Accra who were not indigenes of the area to relocate to other parts of the country. To show their seriousness they issued an eviction notice to JAK with the hope that all others would respect their position if they succeeded in getting him out of the area. The group immediately got the support of some chiefs – The Osu Traditional Council. Following this example, some people in the name of Ahanta Youth Association had come out warding off all government activities in the Western Region. When the national soccer team, Black Stars, was preparing to play the Squirrels of Benin in a world Cup qualifying match in Kumasi some people went on air admonishing the government to remove the Baba Yara Sports Stadium from its present location and give them their land. The Ashanti United Front (AUF) has also called on civil society to condemn the behavior of both the Ga Dangme Youth Association and the Osu Traditional Council and went further to demand apology from those two groups else “AUF would organize series of activities to make life uncomfortable for Gas living in the Ashanti region.” (Daily Guide, 4/3/09)

According to Gbevlo's theory, none of these is a problem rather a manifestation of the sense of security the country would enjoy. In course of time a lot of these groups would spring up in various parts of the country. Each of them would be looking to evict people from slightly used government –owned properties. Already for the satisfaction of the theory some guys are in the streets and on our roads randomly stopping and picking up second hand cars. All they needed would be to inform Gbevlo and their activities would be coordinated.

This has upgraded his status as Chief nsaman saman and Repo man, given him more responsibilities and assured him of his job security and satisfaction. Ghana would from then on be the safest country in the world. All because of Col (rtd) Gbevlo-Lartey's ingenuity as Ghana's National Security Coordinator – the best Ghana has ever had.


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