Fri, 04 Jan 2008 CPP

Aggudey’s supporters take back items he donated to CPP

Aggudeys supporters take back items he donated to CPP

Aggrieved supporters of Mr George Opeisika Aggudey, one of the defeated contestants for the presidential ticket of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), have gone to the party's headquarters to take away a refrigerator and television set he donated to the Party sometime ago.

A source at the CPP Headquarters in Accra told the GNA that some people came there on Wednesday evening and took away the items and left the premises a few minutes before the GNA arrived.

One Mr Azure, a worker at the Headquarters, expressed surprise when asked about the incident and kept on asking how the GNA got to know.

He declined to confirm or deny but referred the GNA to Professor Nii Noi Dowuona, Former General Secretary of the Party, who was in his office at the time but he also passed the buck to Mr Aggudey.

When contacted, Mr Aggudey said some of his supporters, who felt aggrieved, might have done that since they saw his loss at the CPP congress as ingratitude.

He said he as a person did not approve of the action but since people were different and reacted differently he could understand their action.

“Even some of those who voted against me have started saying that the Party is dead without me and they are asking me not to leave it to die,” Mr Aggudey said.