Stop intimidating our members – MELPWU caution hospital admins, directors

  Fri, 21 Jun 2024
Health Stop intimidating our members – MELPWU caution hospital admins, directors

Medical Laboratory Professional Workers Union (MELPWU) has raised alarms over the mistreatment of its members across the country during their ongoing strike.

General Secretary of MELPWU, Dr. Cephas Akotor, has reported significant intimidation from hospital administrators aimed at union members during this period of industrial action.

Dr. Akotor revealed that union members have faced threats for advocating for better working conditions.

“The intimidation happening in the various hospitals should stop,” he stated emphatically.

“People are threatening that they will not validate people’s salaries, taking people’s positions from them as heads of departments, asking our members to vacate their accommodations and all that. I think that we haven’t gotten to that stage.”

The strike, as explained by Dr. Akotor, is a protest against the substandard working conditions that medical laboratory professionals are forced to endure nationwide. He called for an immediate end to these threatening practices and urged hospital management to adopt a more supportive stance.

“I want to use the opportunity to also talk to our directors, HRs, and administrators at the various hospitals that we work with, and we are their employees. If we have difficulties, they should be speaking for us, not [when] we go on the rampage before they know we have concerns,” Dr. Akotor passionately appealed.


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