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Kasoa Taxi driver dies after maranthon sex with side chick

  Wed, 19 Jun 2024
Kasoa Taxi driver dies after maranthon sex with side chick

A 30-year-old Taxi driver, Akwesi Yeboah, in Kasoa in the Central Region, has lost his life while cooling off with his side chick in a guest house after allegedly taking in some sexual enhancing drugs.

According to reports, on Sunday the cabbie lied to his wife that he has a gig somewhere, and the wife did everything to stop him from going because she didn't believe him but eventually he locked the wife and kids in the house to escape.

His colleagues who confirmed the incident on UTV explained that the deceased and the side chick, a corn dough seller at Kasoa New Market had been dating for months without having any sexual contact and finally arranged to meet at the Happy Guest House at Kasoa Akweley on Sunday June 16, 2023.

The side chick who is currently assisting the Police with an investigation said while they were having sex, she realized Akwesi wasn't moving again, adding that she tried to check the reason only to see him fall with his eyes so wide open looking exhausted.

The lady rushed to the manager of the guest’s house for help and he went knocking on the doors of other guests to join him to help Akwesi Yeboah.

She said they poured water on him and he regained consciousness to the extent of speaking.

Just when they thought he was okay, he passed away when he was taken to the St. John's Hospital at Kasoa.

-DGN online

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