75years of struggle: It's time to leave our land - Palestinian to Israel

By Simon Tetteh || Contributor
Social News 75years of struggle: It's time to leave our land - Palestinian to Israel

Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Abdalfatah Alsatarri, has called on the international community to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

He said this when he together with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Socialist Movement of Ghana marched on the principal streets of Accra to solidarise with the Palestine people.

In an interview, Mr. Alsatarri said "This occupation of Palestine cannot continue on our lands after 75 years of suffering."

He said Palestine had suffered for the past 75 years which saw the killing of "journalists, students, nurses, doctors, teachers, bomb our houses, stealing our lands, building illegal settlements for 75 years now."

He recounted that out of the 57,000 people recorded dead, 15,000 were children, more than 10,000 were women and about 100,000 were injured.

Meanwhile, about 10,000 to 15,000 are trapped under buildings either dead or alive, he said.

He noted that, the world now knows what is happening in Palestine and "now is the moment towards the world and the United Nations to understand more about Palestine. And for all to say in one voice the Israeli occupation should leave Palestinian lands."

He commended Ghana for being democratic, supporting justice and showing solidarity to Palestine throughout the period.

"And today, the Ghanaian people want to say the Palestine people are not alone, we are by your side," he stated.



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