Accra is grid-locked, has expanded to its limit — Mahama observes

Headlines Former President John Dramani Mahama
Former President John Dramani Mahama

Former President and 2024 NDC flagbearer John Dramani Mahama has proposed establishing a new city in Ghana to help ease severe congestion problems in the capital city of Accra.

Speaking during a meeting with the European Union Ambassador and EU Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, May 28, Mahama observed that Accra has become highly gridlocked as it has expanded to its limits over the years.

He said "Accra is grid-locked, and the time has arrived for us to relocate certain parts of the government services from Accra."

To address this issue, Mahama proposed undertaking a feasibility study to develop a new city with the aim of transferring portions of Accra.

“Accra will remain the capital, but we will transfer a portion of it elsewhere. There is already available land on the Accra Plains and opposite the bank of the Volta Lake," he stated.

The former president explained that land is abundant in the area near the new Mpakadan port terminal being established to transport cargo to Northern Ghana.

He believes this location would be suitable to relocate some ministries, agencies and departments in order to decongest Accra.

"Accra has expanded to its limits, and if we are not cautious, managing it as a sustainable city will become difficult. Thus, we will initiate the planning, design, and feasibility process. I anticipate that this project may take around 20 years to complete, but we need to take the first steps. Subsequent generations can then continue where we left off," Mahama noted.

The proposal, if implemented, aims to develop a new, strategically located city that could serve as an alternative economic and administrative hub to help absorb some of Accra's population and functions over the long run.

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