Obuasi Area Pemem teams up with GES to sensitize final year JHS students on making good career choices

By Sampson Manu || Obuasi Municipal ISD
Education Obuasi Area Pemem teams up with GES to sensitize final year JHS students on making good career choices

Contemporary society is characterized by rapid changes in the labor market, increased flow of information, and more opportunities to make choices in relation to education and career. It is a fact that many young people in school do not think they get the support they need to make such choices.

Students’ understanding of possible career choices is often limited by their real-world experiences. Many times, they are primarily only aware of the professions of family members, friends, or those they see on television, in movies, or on social media.

It is for this reason that the Obuasi Area Pentecost Men's Ministry (PEMEM) teamed up with the Municipal Education Directorate to organize a day's guidance and counseling seminar for final year Junior High school students in Obuasi.

The seminar according to the Bidieso District Pastor of the Church of Pentecost Vincent Ephraim Amegah who represented the Area Head Prophet David Kankam Beditor was aimed at bridging the gap between passion and profession, ensuring that the choices the school children make align with their deepest values and aspirations.

Seasoned professionals were on hand to sensitize about 3,000 students drawn from 60 schools in Obuasi on career path and their related courses, the benefits of making the right career choices and mental health awareness campaign.

Referencing the Bible, Pastor Amegah said Proverbs 22:6 teaches believers to train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Consequently, he added that the verse is saying the parent should train up a child in the way of wisdom to live in the fear of God. “The second part of this verse has challenged the faith of many a godly parent. Obviously, many children who have received good training have repudiated the way of wisdom later in life".

The pastor emphasized that the church has a role to play in shaping the lives of children stressing that the Church of Pentecost is always committed through their school outreach ministry to guide children to becoming prominent members of the society.

Bridging the gap of career choices
According to the Obuasi Municipal Director of Education Mr. George Alfred Koomson, the Education directorate has identified a gap in career choices and the capabilities of the children. This he said prompted the directorate to collaborate with PEMEM to sensitize the students on the need to make the right choices.

He said in a world of endless possibilities and opportunities, it was important for the students to navigate their career paths with clarity, purpose, and intentionality. This he said calls for guidance and counseling to serve as a beacon of light shaping them to make good choices in life.

Mr. Koomson advised schoolchildren not to make choices by imitating their peers emphasizing that each individual has their own potential.

Victor Nuamah of the Psychiatry Unit of the Obuasi Government Hospital revealed that depression cases involving Junior High School leavers who do not meet their aspirations are on the high.

He said the unit receives not less than 10 cases of depression or anxiety-related disorders of JHS leavers who did not get their preferred schools or courses.

Describing the situation as worrying, he called for support of stakeholders towards the children at that stage.

" This is where the churches and families can come in and support the children to overcome any form of anxiety-related disorders and depression. Children must understand that academic successes largely depend on individual efforts and not the school or course area", Mr. Nuamah stated.

A student of AngloGold Ashanti JHS Sam Emmanuel Bosomtwe Bekoe spoke about the impact of the program. He said it has opened their eyes to the need to make good career decisions while commending the organizers for bringing experts onboard to guide and counsel them.

He said it was important for students to structure their lives very well even before they go to Senior High school.

At the end of the seminar, the students were empowered with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate their future academic and professional paths by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of various career options and the educational requirements for each.