Dr. Bawumia, Where Did All The COVID Money Go?

Feature Article Dr. Bawumia, Where Did All The COVID Money Go?
JAN 11, 2024 LISTEN

During the global pandemic, we observed how the international community came together in an unprecedented manner to support countries grappling with the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ghana, like many nations, benefited substantial financial aid from various international partners, institutions, and local entities to combat the virus. However, the critical question to Dr. Bawumia and his NPP administration is: Where did all this money go?

Sources of Financial Support:
1. World Bank Group: Report by Joy News via YouTube (March 2020):Ghana received $430 million from the World Bank Group to combat COVID-19.

2. International Monetary Fund (IMF) Press Release No 20/153 (April 2020):The IMF approved a $1 billion disbursement to Ghana to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. European Union (EU) Press Release (November 2020): The EU mobilized 86.5 million euros to assist Ghana in addressing the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

4. Ghana Business News (April 2020): Germany provided Ghana with 13.4 million euros to support the fight against COVID-19.

5. CCI France Bahrein FCCIB (May 2020): Ghana received a 1.2-billion-euro support from France to aid the African fight against COVID-19.

6. U.S Embassy (April 2022): The United States announced a $24.7 million support for Ghana's COVID-19 vaccination drive.

7. Xinhua, Accra (September 2020):China played a role in bolstering Ghana's fight against COVID-19, as reported by a Ghanaian official.

8. US Embassy Accra (April 2022):Since September 2021, the United States donated more than 9.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Ghana.

9. African Development Bank Group (ADBG) (July 2020): ADBG supported Ghana's COVID-19 response plan with a $69 million grant.

10. YouTube (June 2021): Canada committed $8 million to Ghana's COVID-19 response project.

11. Domestic Financial Contributions:Bank of Ghana, GCB, ADB, Fidelity Bank, Zenith Bank: Local financial institutions, including the Bank of Ghana, GCB, ADB, Fidelity Bank, and Zenith Bank, collectively contributed millions of Ghana cedis to support the fight against COVID-19.

The question remains: Where did all this money go?

Ebenezer Ato Ntarkurfah Jackson
Cornell University-Johnson School of Management

MBA Class of 2015