Ghana now manufactures corruption. In this Akufo Addo regime, to be suspected of being corrupt is a badge of honour.....

Feature Article Ghana now manufactures corruption. In this Akufo Addo regime, to be suspected of being corrupt is a badge of honour.....

Akufo Addo, Gabby Okyere Darko, Bedietuo, Ken Ofori Atta, and Bawumia. Since January 2017, these guys have borrowed and wasted so much money, which has totally brought Ghana to its knees. Ghana is now economically disabled. Once again, Ghana doesn't even have the assumed or perceived control over its finances and its economy, and never has the country been rated and consigned to junk status. In just five or six years, Ghana has been declared completely bankrupt. Experts of economic history will tell you this has not been the case before

Now, the country's financial credibility and trustworthiness, which in the previous time were considered relatively better than that of our cousins Nigeria. Today, in terms of financial management, Ghana is seen as the most wasteful in cash terms and the most corrupt. We have surpassed Naija in all negativity. wastefulness, which can be measured by the number of abandoned public financed projects, including school buildings, hospitals, factories, old existing ones, and new ones.

A massive housing project is left to disintegrate while public sector workers are either made to live in squalor or compelled to join the corruption league in order to afford exorbitant private sector housing. At the same time, we are experiencing one of the most senseless throwaways of money in the phantom pit area, also known or referred to as National Cathedral Site. Apart from that, we have the unbelievable and extremely ostentatious plus lavish lives of people in charge of the finance management of the country with no reason to fear the call to account to us.

Again, the quantum of monies that can simply not be accounted for. These run into billions of any currencies, Yens, Rupees, Kwachers, shillings, Dinaas, Dutch marks, and liras. Just any currency that you care to calculate the missing monies in, they will amount to *Billions. Billions of cash that has vanished into thin air, of which Akufo Addo and Bawumia don't care about and don't want to be bothered with.

And why will they, they know where all those billions are but because they see us all as religion-tamed ignorant people. Our intelligence is constantly being insulted by a deliberate strategy, that is to harp on and blame all our woes on everyone and everything else just to divert and nulify our attention to their involvement in the near-collapse of everything in the country. They are blaming everything on everyone except themselves.

As for wastefulness, Ghana had not experienced this quantum, and frequency of such cash drain in its existence, it defeats every comparison and defies common wisdom. Just take the case of someone who can not articulate sensible sentences either in vernacular or in the borrowed language. That fellow came out without regard to any financial consequences, just came out in a fit of madness, decided to unilaterally order the closure of all tollbooths.

Today, fellow Ghanaians, who should be working and earning a living in tollbooths facilities and joints, are sitting at home living at the mercy of who can be of help. Ghana now manufactures corruption. In my day, it was rather shameful to be tagged with corruption and to be seen as being corrupt. You are regarded as bringing shame to the family. Today in akufoAddo regime, being corrupt has become a mark of credibility. In Akufo Addo's Ghana today to be suspected of being corrupt has become a badge of honour

Nothing is being hidden anymore. It's all there for us to see and to know that some very few of our country people have stolen and are still stealing our monies. They strut around with honour and pride like drunk peacocks because they know that while they hold on to power, they will remain untouchable. Ghana has now become a crime scene with everybody doing business with whatever they can lay their dirty hands on. The constant flow of scandals has become the norm with Akufo Addo in charge

Today, as audio and video leaks circulate, we hear of how even the IGP is paying good monthly wages to Bugri Naabu for no tangible work done. It has become bizarre. The crime centre, formally known as Ghana, led by the chief corruption serpent Akufo Addo, who resides in his family snake pit. And to consider that some Ghanaians in years gone by, paid dearly with their lives for minor offences. Their crimes pale into insignificance when compared with what we are experiencing now. What a sad, sad situation.

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