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I waited for six hours to have my biodata taken – Passport applicant

I waited for six hours to have my biodata taken – Passport applicant
12.04.2023 LISTEN

An applicant at the passport office located at the old foreign affairs building has said she waited for six hours just to have her biodata taken.

She told the journalist that even though she booked for an appointment using the online system she had to wait for about six hours just to submit the forms and for her biodata to be taken.

The applicant who pleaded anonymity said she filled in the online forms in February 2023 and the earliest date she could get for the physical appointment was in April.

“I got to the passport office at 10.30am and I waited for six hours before my biodata could be taken, even that, I had to lobby a bit. I spent the whole productive day just waiting to get my biodata taken, something needs to be done about this,” she said.

The Journalist observed that many people were seated under the canopy at the entrance, yet some people came in and went swiftly.

An official at the passport office who also declined to mention his name told the Journalist that they needed more equipment and personnel.

“Sometimes, I wait till 6.30pm to ensure that the biodata of the last person is taken before I close from work,” the official said.

The passport official said: “we do not have the books to print, so even after going through the tedious process, applicants are not guaranteed a passport at the expected date told them.”

He said: “there are people who were supposed to take delivery of their passports in December, but they are still here in April, sitting on the scorching sun.”

The official said what is needed is the printing of the books so that those who apply can get their passport at the required time.