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Paramount Group To Address Inaugural International Defence Exhibition And Conference (IDEC) 2022 In Ghana

Executive Leadership to Focus on African-Designed and Built Technologies and Partnerships for Local Production to Bolster Stability and Economic Development
  Wed, 12 Oct 2022
Paramount Group To Address Inaugural International Defence Exhibition And Conference (IDEC) 2022 In Ghana

ACCRA, GHANA, October 11th, 2022 - Global aerospace and technology company, Paramount Group, has announced its participation and sponsorship of the upcoming and inaugural International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEC), to be held from October 11th - 12thin Accra, Ghana, in doing so building upon the company’s decades-long support of the hosts, the Ghanaian Armed Forces.

The conference will showcase the significance of integrating strategies and solutions across the land, aerial and maritime domains, with its overarching objectives including however not limited to the improvement of ECOWAS intra-agency security coordination, the promotion of recently forged civil / defence partnerships and to enhance combined combat operations and regional development initiatives.

The event’s timing is especially important, as the gathering takes place on the backdrop of increased militant violence having occurred in many of the economic community’s member states, compromising the safety of citizenries, maritime trade, and economic stability in the process, happening when the region is still weathering the economic shocks of the COVID-19 outbreak, including continued supply chain dislocations.

In addressing the conference on the subject of tackling modern threats through world-class, African designed and manufactured technologies and solutions, Senior Vice President of Paramount Group, Eric Ichikowitz stated: “The COVID-19 pandemic which strained capacities in Africa and worldwide, including the allocation of resources and human capital, also exposed many underlying readiness gaps in defence and security and ultimately, a heightened state of instability. Piracy, transnational crime such as drug and human trafficking and militant violence are scenarios that have compromised West African trade and transportation and yet these are scenarios that can be addressed with African-designed and African built technologies, on offer for local in-country production, through multilateral and public-private partnerships.”

At the recently held African Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (AAD) of 2022, Paramount Land Systems, a subsidiary of Paramount Group, announced two orders totaling 50 vehicles for its newly unveiled, Maatla 4x4 Light Protected Vehicle (LPV), with the company officially entering the Light Protected Vehicle marketplace in the process. Further and in a major boost to Africa’s indigenous aerospace industry, Paramount Group subsidiary, Paramount Aerospace Industries, also announced that it has secured customers and orders from multiple Air Forces for its revolutionary ‘Mwari’ advanced reconnaissance, surveillance, and precision strike aircraft, meeting increasing global demand for the aircraft’s unique capabilities.

“We know the threats that confront us cover the full range of conventional military and policing fields, as well as more recent non-conventional threats that require new thinking, significant adaptation of our responses, and indeed new ways of judging what kind of equipment and training are required to solve these problems in a decisive and sustainable way. Tinkering at the margins of traditional doctrines and practices might have some modest, short-term benefits, and while they form a critical foundation upon which our capabilities are built, I believe the evolving realities of today’s world confront us with the responsibility to think in practical, innovative ways. This is the mission that Paramount has been on for almost three decades; developing cost-effective solutions for African circumstances.” Ichikowitz added.

Paramount Group serves as a proud partner to numerous African Armed Forces, offering a wide range of advanced, multi-role platforms. In addition, the company has provided myriad systems installation and integration programmes, providing lifetime support in a local capacity, often accomplished through equipment upgrades, installation and high-skills training.

In the maritime arena, the company also continues to leverage its 28 years of experience and expertise to develop and upgrade shore facilities in order for each of Paramount Group’s partners to operate more efficiently, economically, and sustainably.

Ichikowitz continued: “With challenges to the security of the Gulf of Guinea, through coastal nations, to the Sahel, the variety and complexity of these threats represent a serious concern for the peace, stability, and prosperity of many nations and their citizens. The phenomena of insurgencies, terrorism, and transnational organised crime are not limited to Africa – they are a worldwide problem, sometimes manifesting in similar ways in other parts of the globe, but always evolving and requiring of us a mindset that is nimble and forward-thinking in order to counteract and defeat those who seek to harm us.

IDEC 2022 will host numerous representatives from West African Armed Forces and government leaders, alongside representatives from intercontinental law enforcement agencies, industry experts and members of the international press community. Some of the main themes of the two-day conference includes addressing terrorism and counter terrorism, transnational organized crime, maritime security, cybercrime, advancements in surveillance and monitoring and border security, providing exhibitors and sponsors with direct one-on-one access to the region’s leading decision makers in the defence sectors – over land, air and sea.

“We are excited to address the delegations attending the inaugural IDEC here in Ghana, an event which we anticipate will galvanize its critically-important mission, foster newfound dialogue and ensure the adoption of best practices in how to expand the physical assets under African Armed Forces’ command, offering for us all an open forum for latest manufacturing breakthroughs to be shared and deployed, those helping to safeguard our citizenries and vital blue economies. IDEC will help us to embolden sustainable development throughout West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea and beyond,” Ichikowitz concluded.

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