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Russia's invasion on Ukraine: A case of my enemy's friend is my enemy

Russia's invasion on Ukraine: A case of my enemy's friend is my enemy
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Social media and the Internet, at large, is replete with a gamut of chronology of events on the reasons for the Russian invasion on Ukraine including but not limited to the following;

The 2013 overthrow of the former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yakunovych which the West is believed to have tacitly fomented for his Eastward tendencies, the secession of Crimea to, now, become part of Russia.

Also, the open support of Russia to the East of Ukraine in the areas of Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Odessa to achieve their objective of becoming independent from Ukraine has created an unimaginable tension between the two nations and brought about this notorious invasion much to the protest of Moscow itself.

What ought to be held responsible is one that points to the continued expansionist activities of the Former Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

The character and nature of NATO and USSR, though defunct, which was to clamour for membership and support of more nations, as it were, has continued to expressly show in their foreign diplomatic relations with other nations all in the name of monopoly of the world's politico-securo-economic power.

The point fundamentally is, Russia does not want Ukraine which is a bordering nation and was an important part of the USSR, though former, to have any inclination towards America and its allies that make up NATO. Why?

The above is essentially so because your enemy's friend is your enemy as well. In effect, if Ukraine becomes part of NATO, it has become the friend of Russia's enemy which is a fertile ground for America and its allies to set up military bases and assemble their military arsenals such as ballistic missiles and etcetera very close to Russia. A situation, Russia fears could undermine its very existence.

If the validity of the above is not in doubt, then one can easily appreciate the reason why Russia has become very apprehensive and adopting every measure, legitimate or otherwise, to curtail Ukraine from joining NATO.

However, the point really is, Ukraine is a sovereign country and has every legitimate right to decide which nations or international organisations it wants to associate with which is a reflection of the view Hobbes, Bodin and Austin on sovereignty as something that Ukraine has which is determinate, definite, absolute, indivisible, perpetual, unlimited and unrestrained by law.

It will therefore require an intellegent foreign diplomacy to resolve this because of the benefit of experience we have on the ravages of both the First and Second World War and I believe NATO is dragging its feet in the show of military support in order to douse the tension and prevent further escalation primarily to protect humanity.

Any unintelligent move could spark up collateral damages worst than any world war ever experienced due to technological advancement which has enabled all the Blocs to manufacture weapons which can annihilate the entire population of the world.

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