E-Levy Doesn't Discriminate

By Abdullai Suleman
Critics E-Levy Doesn't Discriminate
DEC 1, 2021 LISTEN

What happened in Parliament of Ghana yesterday greatly undermines the authority of the Speaker and constitutes a dent on our young Democracy which will haunt us forever.

I am not a lawyer or law maker and wouldn't dive into the Constitutionality and legality of the matter. But as an ordinary citizen, what this means to me is that Government has wickedly imposed more hardships on me and my family which will worsen our lives come 2022.

Fellow Ghanaian, pause for a minute, interrogate how much you are going to pay for Momo transfers, Marchant payment, Bank Transfers, and Inward Remittance through the imposition of draconian E-LEVY. You are going to pay 1.75% extra more for using the above services.

Prepare to pay more for goods because of the reversal of Benchmark Value at our port. Importers have issued a statement and have categorically stated that, they are pushing all these increments onto the final consumers.

Fees paid for acquisition of Passport, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Driver License, Ghana Card, and over 20,000 services rendered by MDAs are going up by a whopping 15% effective 1st January 2022.

Remember, these extra hardships do not DISCRIMINATE!!!

Sirr Abdullah

Communications Officer, NDC

Afigya Sekyere East