A Chief Who Plays Oware Is Subject To The Rules Of The Game!

Feature Article A Chief Who Plays Oware Is Subject To The Rules Of The Game!
OCT 25, 2021 LISTEN

There is this popular African proverb that says, “A child who washes his hands well is given a seat at the table to dine with the elders.” This is because age is no limitation when it comes to greatness. Many African societies believe character is what opens doors of opportunities and respect.

The reverse also holds true. An elder or a chief who, despite the position he holds in the society, decides to play the game of Oware with a commoner, loses the reverence accorded him as he is subject to the rules of the game.

I’m sure you know the direction of my salvos by now. One of the issues that has generated a lot of discussions after President Nana Dee’s interview on Kwame Sefa Kayi’s ‘Kokrookoo’ was his response to the so-called ultimatum on the E Block building in Aflao by Chief of Aflao, Torgbui Adzonu-Gaga Amenya Fiti V. The President gave what many in the Umbrella family say is an unsavoury response. But I beg to differ.

My late father taught me not to hasten in making judgement whenever two or more people are engaged in a fight. He told me the key to unravelling the real reason for any fight is the remote cause, not the immediate reason. So the question is simple: What could be the remote reason for the perceived unsavoury remark directed at Torgbui Fiti.

President Ogwanfunu started the Aflao E Block in 2013. By 2016, when he was campaigning for reelection, the building was still at the ground floor. But the great chief saw nothing wrong with that. He received President Ogwanfunu with open arms and even promised to mobilize as many as 100,000 votes for him. He repeated the promise in 2020.

But Torgbui Fiti’s 'favorite' candidate lost the 2016 election and President Nana Dee took over in 2017. President Nana Dee managed to secure funding and completed 96% of the building. The edifice has now been roofed, tiled and painted. The Education Ministry is in discussions with the Contractor and the Consultant for handing over and operationalization.

Torgbui Fiti is well aware of the situation, that is why he did not complain to President Nana Dee when the two met not too long ago. But he could not hide his 'true colours' when he met a Minority group. He joined them to engage in political gimmickry as they accused the Nana Dee government of abandoning a project that was 96% complete.

So, you see, when a chief of his stature throws away everything chieftaincy and wears his political garb, then he would be treated like a politician, and not as a traditional ruler. It looks obvious that his lamentations were not borne out of his love for his people.

With such a background, you don’t expect the president to treat the said chief any better than he did. I think the president was even too diplomatic. The chief was dabbling in politics and should be treated like a politician, simpliciter!

Abusuapanin, did you hear the ‘sharp-teethed baby’ representing the people of North Tongu say President Nana Dee wouldn’t dare talk to Okyenhene or Asantehene in a similar manner? Yes, he is right. This is because the two revered traditional rulers wouldn’t give him or any other person that opportunity. They know better than to stoop low and dabble in partisan politics.

As for those threatening to demonstrate if the President did not apologize, I hope they get the apology in the next world. They can demonstrate as many times as they wish because it is their right. It is indeed a very good form of exercise. But one thing is clear: No amount of demonstrations will change the fact that a chief who decides to play Oware is subject to the rules of the game!

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!

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