You've Started Sod-Cutting Since Time Immemorial Yet, You Cannot Boast Of A Single Hospital

By Bola Ray Jnr,
Critics You've Started Sod-Cutting Since Time Immemorial Yet, You Cannot Boast Of A Single Hospital
AUG 22, 2021 LISTEN

What I'm I hearing about something "Agenda 111" or I'm having hearing impairment? Well, if I'm dreaming then someone should wake me up.

It was with no surprise that President Nana Addo had made another promise to construct 111 hospitals in Ghana. For me particularly it doesn't surprise me at all because a man who stood in front of the Lord's presence and lied, how more mortals like you and I?

Nana Addo started making promises since 2008 till date but such promises are yet to be manifested.

If Nana Addo should be held responsible for all his promises made to be fulfilled, then in my own wisdom I believed unless World Bank and IMF offices are brought to his house. Nana Addo is very good at imaginations, unachievable and unrealistic promises.

Before Nana Addo was elected as President of Ghana, he made a personal promise to build national cathedral as a symbol of his commitment to the Lord, but when he won power, he prefers taxing Ghanaians to build. I'm still struggling to understand when did personal promise becomes public responsibility?

Again, Nana Addo promised to build 88 hospitals within one year in 2020, but I'm yet to see one of such hospitals.

Fast forward in August 2021, Nana Addo again has told Ghanaians in the eyes that, he's committed to build another 111 hospitals across the country yet, he was not able to fulfil the earlier 88 promised. Can a man who was not able to fulfil 88, be able to fulfil 111? Utopia thinking!

Well, maybe it's another way of looting public fund.

A leader who experiments with the lives of people is a killer and a murderer because human life is very crucial, and one must not play politics with.

Hospital plays a vital role in the health care system. Hospitals complement and amplify the effectiveness of many other parts of the health system, providing continuous availability of services for acute and complex conditions. Hospitals matter to people and often mark central points in their lives.

Ghanaians are fed-up with these scams, shams, and unrealistic so-called agenda 88 + agenda 111 equated to agenda unachievable 199.

Stop the lies and fix the country.

By Bola Ray Jnr,

A Ghanaian by birth,

A Citizen without a job.


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