NDP Note on Presidential Overspending on Travels

By Dr. Kwame Poku, Germany
Critics NDP Note on Presidential Overspending on Travels
JUN 18, 2021 LISTEN of 18th June 2021 we read the following:

“You are being irresponsible”, Kweku Baako tells Okudzeto over the latter’s expressing his opinion over the President’s allegedly overspending on his travels.

Mr. Ablakwa is a Ghanaian Citizen and a Member of Parliament. The Hon. Mr. Ablakwa has the right to express his opinion about any issue in the country.

This is his job.

A journalist who criticises the Hon. Mr. Ablakwa for the latter’s executing his right of free speech about the President’s travels, in the face of grave economic disaster in the country is rather irresponsible, unfair and an insult to Hon. Mr.

Ablakwa and the millions of Ghanaians experiencing economic hardship.

I am told that this self-acclaimed journalist is an illiterate ! Should this be the case, I could understand the attacks on Hon. Mr. Ablakwa, if not, he must apologize to him.

The National Democratic Party of Ghana does support Hon. Mr. Ablakwa.

If Ablakwa had presumably trusted the Finance Minister, he would probably have waited to listen to him.

Mr. Kweku Baako, a Ghanaian, should note that this is the same Finance Minister who sought medical attention in the USA for his post-COVID- complications while Ghanaians without an effective healthcare system are left to dying like rats or suffer from disabilities caused by “long COVID”.

The People of Ghana do not need the not particularly educated self-made journalist to judge the Hon. Mr. Ablakwa. We, the National Democratic Party, salute the honest pronouncement of the Hon. Mr. Ablakwa.

God bless him for his dedication and service to the People of Ghana.

God bless Ghana, God save Africa, the corrupt shall be stateless. France is waiting for them. The thieves shall be called “Neger” in Paris.

Dr. Kwame Poku, Germany

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