16.06.2021 Feature Article

Stop the shit on shit attitude now (SOS). UG Workers Lamenting.

Stop the shit on shit attitude now (SOS). UG Workers Lamenting.
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There is an offensively malodourous blustering wind blowing like hurricane in the pestering land of the University of Ghana where some workers are full of misery — physically and psychologically, and it seems their employers do not care about their problems. A seemingly large number of people know what is good against the bad, but they keep practicing the bad because it seems to be the norms for ages. In that light, I do not think I can continue to hold my take on this issue.

The annihilating and malodourous drama that is occurring in the various places of convenience in the University of Ghana is a cause of concern to the workers and it seems most of the students are oblivious of it.

It is a total mess to be heaping liquid and solid body wastes evacuated from our bowels popularly known as Shit On Shit (SOS) in water closets without flushing it.

I keep on thinking why we can go out and fetch water when there is water shortage in our various halls for cooking, bathing, and washing utensils yet we cannot go out to fetch water to use when we want to attend nature's call. Is this disgraceful act not nefarious and lamentable enough to call for a condemnation? This is not a package of lies assumed to be real, but it is the sad truth I am spitting humbly and respectfully.

Each time there is no water for a day, not to even talk about water outage for a week, I cry blood for the workers. They do complain but their voices seem heard. I cannot fathom why we can do such a bad act in school, but we cannot do it at our various homes. The Shit On Shit culture has been generating a lot of hazardous health related problems to ourselves as students, but we seem not to care. Yes, we may not care because we think that it has no much effect on us like what we may demonstrate against on campus as against our rights but what about those who work there more than 30 minutes and yet we keep on heaping faeces and toiletries mixed with our fever urine when the taps in our various halls stop flowing? I am just imagining what their eyes normally see and nose frequently smell. So disgustingly a dirty condition so difficult to handle yet these old and young workers will make sure that the place is kept clean and tidy but we as students are not helping them to work in pleasant atmosphere. When you try to speak on the favour of the workers, many students will always come against you with the details that "they are doing their job."

To my fellow students, it is a high time we stopped such act and that of sink chocking behaviours.

Most times I keep hearing that the clan rulers sometimes turn off the source that supplies water to the halls directly and I keep thinking why they perpetuate such act. I do not want to believe the news the wind carries most times but, water can be flowing in a nearby hall, yet it will not flow in the adjacent hall which is having the same management and the same route linking the main water supplier. If truly that this is not a hearsay, then the clan leaders must note that they are punishing their fellow workers and causing us a lot of harm as students, and it is a pure wickedness in its highest degree with supersonic speed approaching life termination.

In honorific manner, I cannot end this article without hitting the nail on another embarrassing and disturbingly barbarous condition that usually ravage the lavatory like a flood in the rainy season. The rulers of the clan may be aware of this for so long a time that students normally and shamefully heap faeces on faeces when there is no water, yet the taps can stop flowing for almost two weeks when some of the students end their exams knowing very well that most of us might stay in the halls till the doors are locked. The gossip wind once again told me that the clan leaders might have their thumb and finger in it. For this, I cannot admittedly say that the wind has done an investigation before spitting to me her words but if it is true and existing in facts, then the chiefs and elders of this clan must desist from that because those who work on the lavatory when it is mostly chocked and smelly are suffering.

I write this in a respectful manner and hope it is attended to with suitable solution as soon as possible.

Daniel Losu Mensah (Efo Losu)
University of Ghana, Legon.

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