10.05.2021 Feature Article

The Fight Must Be For An Effective Educational System And Not Only Religious Rights

The Fight Must Be For An Effective Educational System And Not Only Religious Rights
10.05.2021 LISTEN

I have since ceased any discussions and engagements on this very dicey issue of Muslims- Christian schools' attending altercations. Nevertheless, as I said the other day, there must be schools purposely for religious bodies, and such schools must be decoupled from the government's control. This would only allow the religious bodies, be they Muslims or Christians, to propagate their beliefs by inculcating into their youth the doctrines of their religions in these schools

The government schools are there for us to use for any religious tolerance if we think to mingle with one another is the best form of religious tolerance. If you attend a government school, nobody can restrict you from taking part in any religious activity provided it doesn't go contrary to our laws as a nation. We can also frequently organize seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. to preach religious tolerance and it will be successful. Because; we can attend the same school but if we don't create room to accept each other, we can never forge any unity, peace, coexistence, and religious tolerance among us.

Aside from that, I don't see why a school will be established by a certain religious group only for another religious group to fight for their right in that school. It sounds weird to me. In most government schools you will see mosques and churches( classrooms) there, and nobody prevents the others from carrying out their respective religious activities.

If you know you won't have the right to do what you wish to do in any institution, as far as your religious beliefs and practices are concerned, then go to a government institution where you have the leverage to practice your religion. This, therefore, informs the government that taking over the management of these mission schools must be reversed with military alacrity.

The state can channel whatever resources it has to these government schools to make them better in academics and also insist on moral principles in those schools. It's a fact that most of these mission schools are the places for academic excellence and many parents crave to have their wards there for they believe the so-called government institutions are either poorly structured for or are not motivated enough to put in their best.

However, if the government refuses to hand over these schools, I see it to be like the situation where someone built a house and the tenant wants to dictate how the house should be managed by the owner. Because the government is only paying the teachers in those schools and feeding the students. This doesn't mean there has been a complete takeover. Hence, the Muslim and Christian schools must still have a major say in the running of their schools. I know others will still argue that these people thus teachers and students are Ghanaians and must enjoy those privileges and rights just as other Ghanaians in other workplaces.

I think the government wants to make education cheap and accessible by all that's why this takeover took place. It's not entirely a fact that; the mission schools aren't managing their schools well or lack funds to run them. Let me tell you that; parents would have still paid higher to allow their kids to have access to quality education in these mission schools if the government didn't partially take over the management of those schools.

I, therefore, submit to us, Ghanaians that our concern mustn't be on how to foster religious unity alone but to see how we can move our educational system in the right direction. A nation without the proper human capital capacity is doomed to fail. Therefore, instead of fighting for the rights of our wards in the wrong place they found themselves and aren't allowed to practice their religious beliefs, we should be fighting for the proper system to be put in place to enhance productive academic learning.


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