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10.03.2021 Feature Article

Finally, The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

Finally, The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost
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The lame horse stands by the chicken coop, tired, hungry, angry and sick. It literally licks its wounds and snores loudly as the chickens come home to roost after making so much noise in the garden. The horse keepers try to massage some soothing balm into the wounds of the lame horse but it will not respond to treatment. Pain, pain, severe pain lies in the heart of the lame horse as it tries to stand on its wobbling feet. The chickens thought making so much noise could ward off the eagle which was hovering there in the firmament, ready to stoop down with opened claws to grab a chicken for the dinner of the eaglets.

Don't be confused. I am just trying to be my iconoclastic, teasing, irreverent and poetic self. After all, who am I Earth Angel Gabriel for? I did not bother to look through my crystal ball to see what was going to happen because the signs were written boldly on the walls of the Supreme Court. And so there he stood, a man charged to bring his legal brain to bear in an attempt by the lame horse to salvage his dented image. A warrior who led the battle in the 2012 legal battle and returned home, all covered with questionable success stories, now stands there with bruised ego.

Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata thought every day is Sunday so he swaggered, adjusted his wig and poked the noses of the judges with his thumb, chopped the air with his bare knuckles, trying desperately to prove to the fine ladies and gentlemen of the Supreme Court that he knew better. Hard as he tried, all the applications he put before the ladies and gentlemen of the Supreme Court were jettisoned in the dustbin as he sat there with archaic legal theories that could not withstand the test of time. The judges proved to this old folk that law is dynamic and what worked yesterday could not work today when pinned to the ground. The man said he was going to present five witnesses to prove his case, but at the end of the day, he could only present three, with one of them witnessing through a video conference because he had overdrunk tea and overeaten biscuits and had to spend sometime in the hospital. Having played all his aces, Tsikata tried his trump card by insisting that Madam Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) should be hauled into the witness box to be cross-examined. That argument of Mr. Tsikata was what invited the lay men in law in this country to jump into the fray. How can you force an accused person to bring a witness? Is it not to the advantage of the complainant if the accused person fails to present a witness to help him in his argument? Can you force a horse to drink water after forcing it to go to the riverside? Sensible people asked the old lawyer of yesteryears.

Unable To Bear The Pain Of Disgraceful Defeat

Ever since the pronouncement of the Supreme Court which dismissed the bad case brought before it by Mr. Mahama, his usual smiles have turned to anger, and anger to frustration. Whosoever promised Mr. Mahama that he was going to win his case has done him more harm than good. The verdict has left him dejected and very aggressive. People like Sammy Gyamfi, the NDC National Communications Officer who used to refer to John Mahama as the President-Elect should keep their distances anytime they approach Mr. Mahama because a blow from the disappointed man could land in their faces.

The last card on the chest of these liars and tricksters is to promise Mr. Mahama that he will be made the Presidential Candidate for the 2024 General Election. Mr. Mahama will fall head over heels for that offer because he is so much power drunk that if even it will take the sale of the Bole kingship skin to be president again, he will readily do so. Such persons are dangerous because they can even kill human beings to get what they want. They are the heirs of all those who sacrificed human lives to get political power. Ghanaians should be wary of this man because having lost at the polls and at the Supreme Court, this man can sponsor a coup d'etat to topple the government.

Examples are there in Africa for us to learn from. You see, the man has money and still draws his salary as the former President of Ghana. He has cronies in the Ghana Armed Forces and the Police. The Akans say anytime you think of something good, you must as well think of something bad because human beings can be dangerous when it comes to the issue of seeking political power. Their lust for power has no bounds. You may decide to call me a prophet of doom but remember; about eighty per cent of coup d'etats staged in Africa were sponsored by civilians even though they do not show their faces. That is why the National Security outfit should put surveillance on the man.

If you have a political party whose National Chairman organises a secret meeting and plans to burn markets, kidnap children and make the country ungovernable for the sake of winning political power, then you have to think twice when dealing with such entities. They are capable of doing the unthinkable. The Akans say if the one who eats crabs tells you he can eat calabash, you don't have to doubt him. When the threat of burning markets came out, the country took things for granted until some markets started burning like the way Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt. Many months after the burning of some markets in this country, we are yet to see those who committed the crime. Such criminals are smart. They can easily cover up their tracks. After all, these are the same people who graduated from the revolutionary era where people got missing without any traces of their whereabouts. Once bitten, twice shy. Excuse me while I light up my Tusker For Men!!!

From Eric Bawah