Accra: Disinfections of tertiary institutions begin

By Nicholas Akusah
Regional News Accra: Disinfections of tertiary institutions begin

The Zoomlion Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of the Jospong Group of companies in collaboration with the government of Ghana on, Wednesday, 6th January 2020 embarked on a National disinfection exercise in the various universities.

The exercise is to ensure a COVID-19 free environment in the various universities ahead of the official reopening later this weekend.

A total of 73 tertiary, both Private and government in Greater Accra would benefit from the exercise scheduled between Wednesday, 6th to Friday, 8th January 2020.

Briefing the media prior to the exercise, the General manager of the Zoomlion Ghana limited, Accra zone, Mr. Ernest Morgan, stated that the exercise would go a long way in curbing the virus from the various schools.

"Last week the president gave a directive for all schools to reopen, so we are also fumigating all the tertiary schools of about 73. We hope to finish the latest Friday and move to the basic schools.

"The exercise am sure will serve its purpose when schools reopen and it will also prevent students and teachers from contracting the virus", he said.

He added that measures have been put in place to ensure all the basic schools in the region are also disinfected.

"After the tertiary schools, we would then have another plan on how to storm the basic schools. The basic schools we have over 6000 in the region and their plan is also different from the tertiary schools," he added.

"So we hope by 14th January 2020, we would have finished all schools so students can return and continue with their academic works," the General manager, Ernest Morgan added.

He, however, disclosed that quality equipment has been deployed across the regions to ensure an effective output.

"We are also using the automisers, we are using about ten atomizers in Accra. Monday, we exhibited our fleet and we have 70 atomizers and have been distributed across the regions in the country. So for now we have ten (10) huge automisers in Accra and we are using them today," he stressed.

On day one of the exercises, the Accra Technical University, Catholic Institute of Business and Technology, and the two campuses of the Ghana Institute of Journalism including others benefited from the national disinfection exercise.

In an interview with the Director of Public Affairs at the Accra Technical University, Mrs. Fausta Kilian Ganaa expressed her gratitude to the government and Zoomlion Ghana Limited for the gesture.

"This exercise has come in handy as we just about to reopen the institution. In fact, the freshers are arriving on the 15th of this month, and the government and Zoomlion are giving us this big assistance with this fumigation exercise, we are really grateful," she said.

She added that the exercise would propel the institution ahead of the reopening on Saturday.

"It will prepare us to clear off any virus, if there is any, around so I am sure they are wiping the environment clean for us to have a restart of the academic year.

"So it is a very important exercise for us, they are doing it free of charge so they have relieved us of some financial responsibility. So the Vice-chancellor, the Managements including the entire school is grateful to Zoomlion for the exercise, she expressed.

The Director again revealed that measures have been outlined to ensure a smooth running of academic work.

"We have made a lot of arrangements, first we have prepared our academic calendar in such a way that there will be social distancing throughout the year.

"We have also introduced an online program called "Learned Learning Program" where students will be learning online and others in the lecture rooms as well. This is to ensure there is no congestion in the lecture rooms and also prevent the virus as well", she added.

The Registrar at the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology, Mr. Perry Ofosu, hinted that the existence of the Covid-19 has affected academic work at the institution.

"Because of the covid-19, we are unable to have lectures physically and therefore we have to seek to online teachings and examination. It has also affected our finances, this is a private institution so we rely on admissions but it has not been easy this year", the registrar said.

He added the management has instituted a health committee to oversee the safety of students in the school.

"We have a committee that is responsible for covid-19 activities. And they are to ensure that all the things that have been put in place are implemented, the veronica buckets, the soaps, and all the other things and would ensure the students and staff adhere to the safety protocols," he stressed.

On his part, the Assistant Registrar public affairs at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Mr. Daniel Machator, revealed that authorities have outlined safety measures and policies to safeguard the students from contracting the virus.

"Due to the virus and the high number of students in the school, we have decided to relocate to the new site at North Dzorwulu, this is to ensure we have a smooth academic work and observe physical distancing, we have also provided all the safety protocols and materials when the school reopens," he said.

He again added that new methods of engaging students have been introduced during the COVID-19 era.

"Due to the virus, we have introduced an online new learning management system, as well as face to face learning systems," the Assistant Registrar public affairs, Daniel Machator revealed.










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