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16.12.2020 Press Statement

A counter press conference to a press released by a group led by the constituency executive Of Sissala West

A counter press conference to a press released by a group led by the constituency executive Of Sissala West
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Our friends from the media, the leadership of our noble party NPP, party faithful’s, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you all to this emergency press conference to at least keep the sheet clean. With much appreciation and with high respect for your efforts at the grassroot and at every level of the noble NPP, we wish to register our displeasure on the consistent disturbances of the constituency executives with their shameless attitude.

The attitude of the Sissala West constituency executives and their cohorts is deeply distracting the good image of the NPP in Sissala West. Our notice has been drawn to a so call press release by constituency executive who decided to assume the sheep wool but lions, on Monday 14th December 2020. It is so unfortunate that people of their caliber could not be honest for once and apologies to the NPP party for their FOUR years misconduct, but choose to ZERO themselves to lies and fabrications all in the name of their selfish interest. We simply identify them as attention seekers. The modification of their identity by way of taking cover is well understood, for confidence tricksters can’t get it done without changing cloths and appearance. Just be bold and accept your wrongful attitudes that rendered our dear party, the NPP unpopular in Sissala West. A four-year agenda you and your evil followers carried out is what led us to this humiliating defeat. This is so disgusting, needless and most time-wasting. Your evil deeds and self-centered style of leadership, has over lived its importance. It took you four years to see nothing good from the good works of the Hon. MP and DCE, when indeed we can point to at least two or more projects in over 99% of the communities in the Sissala West constituency.

Our friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen, permit us to address an issue that is so dear to our heart. Do this guy’s so think that nobody was watching them on their cosmetic attitudes of painting the NPP black in the Sissala West district? Hon MP Patrick Alhassan Adamah begged you for four years just to spar the mp in Sissala West the needed peace to serve the good people of the constituency. The president of the republic his Excellency Nana Akofu Addo, Chiefs and elders of the Sissala land call on you to allow the Hon. MP and the DCE the needed peace. All levels of the NPP intervened for this to no avail. Come for free media space and tell the world what you did if indeed you don’t intend to play games with the fortunes of the NPP in Sissala West.

Let no one take the good people of the Sissala West District as low thinkers. The reader of their so call petition, the constituency executive, and their supporters insulted the Hon. MP and rain attacks on any individual that speak good of the MP and the DCE. HUDU MUAH has been suspended from doing any form of communication for the NPP in the Sissala West , because HE was never ready to stand against the leadership of the party (HON. MP AND DCE). A key communicator that communicated strongly and brought the NPP into power never got a single chance to defend the works of the party till date.

Ladies and gentlemen, maybe the petitioners are too young to subscribe to the adage that “the evil that men do, lives after them”. The unconstitutional games that gave victory to chairman Bukari Dramani and his team is one factor, chairman Dramani since the creation of the Sissala West district never won clean elections and this current term he and the other executives are serving is not an exception. Polling station executives were sacrificed for their 2017 constituency victory. Can you mention one single step you and the other executives took to reconcile the NPP family? Have you forgotten that these former executives you removed from the register unconstitutionally, have families and friends? The just defeated parliamentary candidate was the election committee chairman who supervise their evil acts. The PC in his bit to win primaries has forcefully changed polling station executives from across the district numbering 65 members against the will of party foot-soldiers. For example, in Daajan all 5 polling station executives were removed from the register and given to the PC own brothers and friends in jeffisi and Kuntulo just to do his bidding. All these executives wrote petitions against him to the regional monitoring team and they referred the cases to him to solve. If you are a judge in your own case, what will be the outcome of the case ladies and gentlemen? Your guess is as good as ours. After compiling the polling station register that favored him and the constituency chairman, they still realized that, the people love Hon. Patrick Alhassan Adamah and Mr. Majeed Limann and so they created a new register which is different from what they gave the national level and used it to conduct the constituency executive elections of which Chairman Dramani won by two votes against Mr. Majeed Limann. So clearly, the PC and the Chairman are very manipulative in their dealings. These polling station executives he forcefully removed are people who has worked hard for the party to win the seat in 2016 and they can influence the popular votes in general elections and the least the party could do was to allow them maintain their positions or better removed them by persuasion or through vote in worst-case scenario. That aside, in the runup to the parliamentary primaries, Hon Patrick Alhassan Adamah has campaign on merit and his achievement in the district which includes drilling boreholes in about 95% of the communities in the district, building bridges with his personal money, extending electricity to communities like Duwie and Dasima with his own money, building schools, maternity wards and lobbying for many projects to enhance the development of the district. He also did not forget the party executives and so he promised the party delegates each a motor bike should they vote him in the primaries. He said he wants NPP to win both parliamentary and presidential elections in the 2020 general elections and need to support the executives to work hard for the party. However, in desperation and thirst for power at all cost, the PC, the party chairman and most of the constituency executives deceived the polling station executives with ‘Motor Keys’ and asked them to vote against the Hon. MP and come for their motor bikes after the primaries when indeed they have no motors. After the polls when the delegates who voted for the PC came to collect their motor bikes from them, they said they do not have the motors to give them and if they persist in getting the motors from them their names will be remove from the register as party executive and their assertion was that, power is given to the constituency secretary to remove any delegate at any point in time. This has angered the very people who voted for the PC to turn against him in silence and raises serious question of integrity. The PC was questioned on Radford FM why he promised his party delegates motor bikes and refuse to give them the motors. his response was that, the keys were given to the delegates by his supporters and not him and so long as he did not offer the keys to them directly, he has no contract with them regarding motor bikes. This further made the delegates who voted for him to lose hope of getting motor bikes from the PC should he win the parliamentary elections and raised doubts in the mind of the people of Sissala West that if the PC can deceive his own party delegates with motors keys and denied giving them keys, then what happens to the promises that he is making to constituents should he win the parliamentary seat. This has cause lack of trust, fear and panic among the masses leading to his absolute rejection in the polls. In a similar vein, the PC and his cohorts used ‘Patapaa and Takashi’ tactics on the145 delegates who voted for Hon. Patrick Alhassan Adamah, threatened them that, the 145 motors Hon. PAA gave them each in fulfilment of his promise to support them carry out party activities should they vote for him in the primaries are their ‘Pension Motors’. Ladies and Gentlemen if you are on pension, what do you do? Work or sleep and rest?

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we believe that after losing the parliamentary seat in the just ended 2020 elections, the least the party leadership and the PC could do was to a postnotum of what lead to our humiliating defeat, rather than pointing fingers to patriotic party members. In fact, the way they managed the campaign and party resources was nothing to ride home about. The PC created new party executives at all the polling stations and entrusted resources into their hands to the detriment of the existing ones, the new people he promise executive positions became a threat to the existing executives, monies and material resources were given to them to campaign leaving the old and experience existing party polling station executives who have the ability to influence popular votes to idle. Therefore, being threaten by this act of the PC, the old executives relaxed and allowed the PC’s new executive to work. As the saying goes ‘experience is the best teacher’ these amateur youngsters lead us to this total defeat.

Fast forward, the constituency chairman was capture on an audio recording saying that, they knew they cannot win the general elections with the PC but the want to kick Hon. Patrick Alhassan Adamah out and take control of the party and wait for 2024. So clearly, they knew without the Hon. MP on the ballot in 2020 we will lose the election and yet they forcefully deceived delegates to vote against the choice of the people to satisfy their selfish interest. The audio is there for verification of the truth. The PC have orchestrated disunity within the party after his bid to become a DCE failed in 2017 and vowed not give the MP peace of mind to work. He also insisted on the removal of the former DCE on several occasions, they wrote several petitions to the region and national for the removal of the best and workaholic DCE Sissala West ever had. However, when the PC won the primaries, he lied to the affable Vice President of the republic that if they don’t remove the DCE, he cannot win the Sissala West seat. The DCE was removed and yet the PC and the party chairman dashed the seat to the NDC. History has shown that in Sissala West , anytime any political party removed a DCE, the party loses the parliamentary seat. In 2007, when the NPP Hon. Maada was removed as a DCE and the current PC became the DCE, we lost in that election to the PNC, in 2015, when Hon. Mosses Luri was removed as a DCE, the NDC lost the election to the NPP’s Hon. PAA. Clearly the PC who should have known the history better than us, but he was the one who oversees the decision to remove a hard working DCE Sissala West had ever got and the records can be seen from the projects he delivered to the district.

Ladies and gentle, our main headache as a party is the constituency chairman, aka B. Draimani, he has no care for the party faithful, he only used threat to remove executives to coil them to submissions and remain loyal to him because if you are an executive and you criticized his leadership style, you don’t get to become an executive again come the next time of compiling the new register. He has consistently used this ‘Patapaa and Takashi’ tactics over the years to his advantage at the detriment of the party. He led our 2004-2008 campaigns and we lost the elections, in 2012 he again led our party and we lost the elections. He had issues with Hon. PAA, and Mr. Majeed Limann led the campaign in 2016 elections which was managed by Hon Mohammed Bakor, we won the Seat while in opposition from a former roads and high ways minister who later became Upper West regional minister, Alhaji Sulemana Amidu. In the 2020 elections, Chairman 2 (he won chairmanship with two votes difference) again led us to the biggest defeat we ever had as a party. Let ask ourselves, why do we keep a chairman who consistently lead us to defeat in our elections?

Ladies and gentlemen, the agenda to tarnish the image of the MP and all the people mentioned in their shameful press conference is dead on arrival, how can Hon. PAA campaign against Hon. Hika in 2008. The very Hika who hand-picked our current PC when he has no party card in 2007, got him a party card and recommended him to be appointed as a DCE, now turn around in 2020 to form alliance with Hon. Patrick to campaign against him as a PC? Logically, this is false because we all know that Hon. Hika’s boy is our PC for the 2020 elections and Hon. MP’s nephew is the PC as well, in fact in a mini rally in Fielmua, in the presence of the regional chairman of NPP, upper West regional minister, many party big-wings from the region and most of the constituency executives, the MP openly threw his weight behind the PC and asked the people to vote massively for NPP and the PC in particular. This cannot be just for the cameras as purported by the so-called concern youth of NPP. The subsequent commentary of the MP’s total support for the PC was not in doubt as it was run on various radio stations in the both Sissala West and East, social media outlets like Facebook and WhatsApp's etc. to make the point very clear that the Hon. PAA indeed gave his unflinching support to the PC. The MP again campaign at Liplime the constituency’s Chairman’s hometown where he categorically stated that they should vote for both Nana and the PC in the presence of the Chairman.

We are not perturbed about their press conference, they did so to save their head from disgrace because the lied to the leadership of our beloved party that, they cannot win 2020 general elections with Hon. PAA unless Hon. Naliwie. After their abysmal performance, they think tarnishing the image of committed party members is the only way to run back to the leadership of NPP to seek for political appointments after throwing our seat to the NDC.

We heard the so-called concern youth of NPP made a case that, the PC and Nana lost in the hometown of the MP. For the records the PC’s mother came from Duwie the MP’s hometown, she is also the MP’s own sister. Traditionally, the PC and MP are both natives of Duwie, and so putting the blame on the MP that he causes the downfall of NPP in Duwie is neither here nor there. If their case is anything to go by, then the NDC for the first time, has been able to increase their popular votes to about 500 in this elections in Jeffisi, the PC’s own hometown than in any previous elections.

We, therefore, call on the leadership of the party not to entrust any political power in the hands of the self-seeking constituency executives and the PC whose divide and rule tactics has cause our defeat.

After the constituency elections, an election that was contested by three different groups. When did the winners call a meeting to unite the elephant family? All they knew was to organized demonstrations to lock DCE office, asked for the removal of government appointees and openly insulted the MP and DCE on radio stations.

Our friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen, after the parliamentary primaries, another election where we saw and heard open insults and attacks on the team supporting the MP. After victory and with their evil agenda, the constituency organizer went on radio station telling people they have finally taken their party and government. It is so regretting and too unfortunate to have heard these same persons crying fowl after this needless and avoidable defeat for the NPP in Sissala West . Posterity shall judge you.

We are calling for the suspension of the Constituency chairman, aka B. Dramani for failing to unite the party for us to retain the seat for NPP Sissala West.

We are also sounding a word of caution to the Deputy Upper West regional minister Hon. Amidu Chinnia to stay away from NPP, Sissala West issues. We are reliably informed that, he was in the District two days ago, and met the Chairman and his cohorts to orchestrate the so-called press conference by the concern youth of NPP. This is not strange to us because it has been his character over the past four years, always seeking to deepen the disunity of NPP, Sissala West .

We call for fairness, equity and transparency from the region and national regarding any decisions of NPP in Sissala West to foster unity and move the party to victory in subsequent elections.

Long live Sissala West NPP

long live Ghana

thank you all for coming


Mr. Hudu Muah

( Secretary)



Limann Majeed



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