16.10.2020 Poem

Lies Of The Saints

By Waterz Yidana
Lies Of The Saints
16.10.2020 LISTEN

On both flanks
We see deacons and deaconesses in their ranks.

They are princes and princesses in the Lord,
Wearing garments difficult to distinguish at home and abroad.

It is canonising everyone in their camp
And demonising those outside it like they are crap.

They cause irreparable detriment of peddling gods' word in bars
To put them at stake and behind bars.

The cathedral isn't the matter, so to put it in conversations,
But those carried away by titular appellations
Just like their brothers in the voting business.

They fail us.

These men fail us with their craziness!

Waterz Yidana 

Author of Madman and the Drunkards 

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