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Don’t Let Life Strangle You; Be Poised For It

Don’t Let Life Strangle You; Be Poised For It
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Life is an entanglement you can unentangle. With its dangerous traps and happy moments, it can be a fulfilled task we all can accomplish. It’s said to have so many ups and downs yet, we enjoy it whilst it lasts.

In as much as it’s proven to b difficult, we must embrace ourselves to face it without blaming others for the unfortunate outcomes. Be responsible for your own life and when the trial comes, you can hit hard just as it came to you.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Don’t doubt yourself or ability, have confidence in everything you do. Never say never because limits like fears are just an illusion.

Your friends or the company you find yourself in, can make you never to be content with what you have. You keep striving to fall in place with them but the more you try the more you fall behind.

It doesn’t make sense to live a life like that. Have you ever thought of them living like you? So why stress yourself? Stop the unhealthy comparison, and be focused on you.

Family could be number one naysayers. But will you reject them? be bold to stand by what you want even if no one wants it. Don’t shell in or blackout in situations like this, that’s where failure begins.

Let them speak all they want but with time they will find out the positive result you have for them. Get educated if it’s required, work hard if that’s what it takes, be determined, yet remain loyal in all you do.

Get into circles of those who wouldn’t consistently judge you on every mistake, but rather although they are also growing, they help you grow. Find those who wouldn’t talk behind your back, yet will fight for you even in your absence.

You may not be able to find people as such. But you can become one. You can choose to help others by being faithful, selfless, kind and useful to them even when your situation is worse. One good turn they say deserve another. As you do, others will do same for you.

Whatever happens is out of love. Love will be tested, will fail, will weary and will be offended. In the end, it will give up on you. In times like this, you have to realize that there is something greater and deeper than love.

Until you realize and learn to fight that destiny, you will be less than what God purposed you to be. Be able to come to the realization that, as you are being disrespected and maltreated by someone, or you receive it all the time, you need to let go of the feelings that bond you to them.

Take time off to love yourself. Some relationships can strain you so much that you forget of your own existence. Learn to appreciate yourself and evolve to become who want to be and how you want to be treated. The person you want will definitely show up.

Marriage isn’t all rosy. You can determine to make it work, make yourself a fool by making the other person win. But if you can’t continue like that, as all efforts goes in vain, walk out to avoid an early grave for yourself and your spouse.

There is a wise saying that, he who seek vengeance must seek two graves, one for his enemy and the other for himself. To love is to suffer, to avoid suffering, one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Love in every part is complicated, find what suits you and go by it.

There are many things that money can’t buy like manners morals and integrity. Money makes the world go around but it can’t slow down time. Spend your money on things you can buy and learn to be morally upright, it establishes integrity.

Life is how you make it, there is no time to allow others make it for you. Stop worrying about what is none of your business. One basic thing about life is make it work for you, and not to please others.

Avoid social media traffic; you will only find yourself in debt or living a lie life. You are very much aware that, 99% percent of what you see on there are lies, yet you want fit in.

You find yourself taking pictures with crooked legs, crocked necks and tight clothes which reveals very vital parts of your body in order to claim what? Who do you think cares about you anyway?

Be grateful for what you have and show appreciation for what you receive. But if an expected reciprocation is not done, just note that that, not everyone is like you. Don’t go about ranting over expectations, it will never be met.

Live life like you own it. There is a situation you can handle, why do you worry so much about it? If there’s nothing you can do about that same situation, why should that also be your worry.

Let things be, let situations, solutions, love, growth etc. unfold through their natural means. Don’t try to force things to be how you want it to be as long as you want it, you will end up breaking the jar full of confusion, stress and depression.

If you can’t trust people, don’t talk too much, you don’t want to be seen as the loudest or be seen in the faces of everyone, don’t show off too much. People who are a bit unusual earn for themselves some respect.

There are things that put you off at work place or school, voice it out, you deserve a position, make it known, want to be appreciated, work hard, or climb higher academic ladders to find yourself where you want to be.

There are workplaces or institutions where no matter what you do, your efforts are never appreciated, you seem to always look overlooked. Make your grievances known, pray about it and if symptoms still persist, find your way out.

Today is ours lets, live it, and love is strong, let’s give it. A song can help, lets sing it, peace is dear, lets bring it. The past is gone don’t rue it. Our work is here let’s do it, the world is wrong let’s right it.

The battle is hard, lets fight it, the road is rough, lets clear it, the future is vast, don’t fear it, is faith asleep, its wake it because today is ours, let’s take it. Your life is in your very hands.

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